Reader Submission - Newlyweds in a Haunted House

My name is Andrew Mahaney and this is a real haunting story.

In Colonial Beach, VA in a moderate sized two-story row house, within a small very old beach community on the Potomac River, my wife and I bought this house that had been on the market for many years. As a newly married couple we bought the 60 year old house and immediately started to fix it up, adding new flooring, and a kitchen. From the moment of this buy and change everything went down-hill:

1) Even during the first night we noticed the back room to house was extremely cold, in the dead of summer with no A/C this room should have been cold. My children complained of this.

2) My wife in this room would shut closet doors only to have them open and this would go on several times a day.

3) Electrical disturbances would also happen in this same room, with lights turning on and off for no reason scaring my two sons at all hours of the night, to the point they had to move to the upstairs bedrooms.

4) One night my wife and son Andrew were watching TV downstairs and heard a person walking all the way across the upstairs hallway from one end of the house to the other; they both looked up and followed this person with their eyes/head all the way; then looking back to each other scared and in disbelief!

5) My mother-in-law who can also testify to this sleeping one night in the upstairs room heard voices, and some-one consistently with their fingers rolling them against the wall as if they were passing the time and watching her; and then she never came back again and only would come into the front yard.

6) As the year went on, we heard footsteps around 1-2 am coming up the spiral staircase, when no one including our sons were in the house at the time; only we were in the upstairs master bedroom (this happened several times a week)

7) We would hear footsteps going across the tin roof above the bedroom late at night, and this was clearly human steps not a squirrel per say.

8) One night my wife was in the master bathroom and I was in the bed watching TV and a loud male voice in the hallway leading to the other bedroom, sounded out as a high to low pitch yawn. Started high and then finished low in pitch. My wife ran in “Did you hear that?” “Yes I did” and she said “Stop playing around!” and I told her it was no game and it was time to realize we had a paranormal presence

9) After speaking to our neighbors we realized the family before us were petrified and their children paralyzed in fear so they had to leave the house without notice; we again have more witnesses;

10) One day my wife heard a voice down-stairs calling her name; so she stated: “Andrew I’m up here!” The voice called again and again to her and she repeated this again and again. Finally she came downstairs and I was not here. She called me at work and I was still at work. Some presence again attempted to make contact.

11) It was with this that we finally realized we had to move and finally did sell the house

12) After speaking to next-door neighbor (need to get their POC info) we realized the CAUSE; she stated an old man and his wife lived here; he died in that back room and he stated: “Please never sell this home and keep it always in the family; I built it with my bare hands and I want it to stay in the family!” Well after he died eventually Doris put an extra floor on, put in a spiral staircase, and sold the house, and we of course made improvements (new windows, flooring, kitchen, carpeting).

13) We also talked to the previous renter before us and they were run out of house due to the noises behind the walls, hearing footsteps at night, and seeing black shapes moving in the hallways late at night. When their kids would not sleep in their own rooms they broke their lease and hit the road. So yes, this was real, and there are many, many witnesses to this haunting.


Anonymous said…
sounds real to me.
Rich, Melbourne, Australia said…
Superb story and well written. I'm sure the Ghost Adventures team would love to stake the house out and it sounds like a week long investigation would better than a single night. I wonder who's living there now. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Real good my sissters really liked it sounds real

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