Hendel House

In 1877, the original house was built in Reading, Pennsylvania. Charles W. Hendel, a financier and owner of the Charles W. Hendel hat manufacturing company, enlarged the Victorian mansion. He hired the Muhlenburg Brothers Architects of Reading to turn the structure in to a spacious Queen Anne style family home, popular during that time period.

Adelaide K. Hendel was the last of the Hendel family to live in the house. It was transformed in to a Lutheran church from 1949 to 1999. In 2000, a Marjorie Hendel-Perject "donated" the house to the Historical Society of Berks County in an effort to preserve the structure in honor of her grandfather Charles Hendel. It has since been used as office space, meetings, a space for events and storage.

Hendel House is also believed to be haunted. A male spirit known as "Mr. Whitman" has been seen throughout the home and he may not be alone. Witnesses have also encountered a little girl and various other entities. 

You have a chance to investigate it for yourself. S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal is organizing an event at Hendel House scheduled for September 21, 2013. For $60 per person, you get a mini history presentation from a person of the historical society, food (pizza, snacks, desserts and water (included in the cost)), and a 7 hour investigation of the location. Spots are limited. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Hendel House



Gatekeeper said…
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Gatekeeper said…
Whats the history on the place? Any murders, suicides or other violent events?
mohamed abdo said…
Valuable information
Anonymous said…
Recently I have come across this book. I heard the first incident ( which used to happen in the Indian Southern city of Chennai) was very infamous . You can check this out:

Anonymous said…
Is there any proof? I believe there may be such thing as ghosts, but I think it's just another ghoststory...

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