Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality

Earlier today, Lemon Press Publishing released crime novelist Mitchell Nevin's latest novel that touches on matters of law and justice, psychic phenomena, criminal investigations, and personal redemption.

In Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, a handful of colorful characters -- a well-liked college baseball prankster, a disgraced Chicago police sergeant, and a folksy Twin Cities identify thief -- devise a plan to market a member of the trio's clairvoyant abilities. During this venture, the lines between deception and reality blur as the motivation for monetary gain clashes with conscience and personal responsibility.

Psy Rep CoverPurported psychics use their talents to provide a service and earn an income. In this particular line of work, scammers abound like thieves in the night. To realists, a psychic reading is a pricey form of entertainment. To those in search of inner peace, however, the hopes of bringing a loved one's killer to justice or communicating with a relative on 'the other side' can make them an easy mark for brazen charlatans.

Yet a handful of creditable sleuths believe some middle-ground exists. In the 1930s, Arthur Price Roberts, a man with "strange talents," led detectives to victims of foul play and correctly predicted a series of bombings that shook Milwaukee to its core.

Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality navigates this gray area, the shadowy expanse occupied by serial killers, cold-blooded terrorists, challenged detectives, troubled loved ones, and one gifted young man's quest to reclaim his tattered reputation.

Available now at and Barnes & Noble.

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Anonymous said…
Read The Cozon Protocol which then lead me to read this authors book. Almost finished and it is a page turner. The visions that appear make you wonder what and how it's happening.

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