For 1,000 BlogMad Credits...

Match the number of the lighthouse with the letter of the ghost that haunts it. The one with all or the most right will receive 1.000 BlogMad credits! Tomorrow is the deadline! Good luck!


1 - Baker Island Light
2 - Bird Island Lighthouse
3 - Cape Neddick Lighthouse
4 - Fairport Harbor Light
5 - Harbour Town Light
6 - Heceta Head Lighthouse
7 - Marshall Point Lighthouse
8 - Minots Ledge Lighthouse
9 - New London Ledge Light
10 - Ocracoke Light
11 - Old Port Boca Grande LH
12 - Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
13 - Point Lookout Lighthouse
14 - Presque Island Lighthouse
15 - Seguine Lighthouse
16 - Seul Choix Point Lighthouse
17 - St. Augustine Lighthouse
18 - St. Simons Island Light
19 - White River Light Station
20 - Yaquina Head Light


A - The Spanish Princess Josepha
B - "Murdered by Assistant" Keeper Walking Hallways
C - A Breakfast Cooking Ghost
D - A Cigar Smoking Ghost
E - A Drowned 12 Yr Old Girl's Voice
F - A Ghost the Screams "Keep Away" in Portuguese
G - A Gray Cat
H - A Keeper Whose Wife Ran Off With the Ferry Captain
I - A Keeper With a Cane Who Refused to Leave
J - A Kissing Ghost
K - A Wife Who Has Only One Piece of Sheet Music
L - Blackbeard the Pirate
M - Blond Teenager and Rum Running Murderer
N - Civil War Veterans Looking for Graves
O - Disfigured Lady with Corn Cob Pipe
P - Female in Blue Dress Crying For her Father
Q - Lady in Window Looking Down
R - Red Hair Lady in Shawl Near Fireplace
S - The "Gray Lady" Who Doesn't Like Work on Light
T - The Ghost Ship "Isadore"


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