Hornet Spook Light

A strange light has been seen along a road for almost 140 years. No one, not even the Army Corps of Engineers, has a clue what it could be. It has had many names but is now commonly known as Hornet Spook Light.

This light has appeared seemingly as a ball of fire for almost 140 years, varying in size from a basketball to larger. It spins down the center of this gravel road at great speed, rises up high, bobs and weaves to the right and left. It appears to be a large lantern, but there is never anyone carrying it. The light has appeared inside of vehicles, seems to retreat when it is pursued and never allows anyone to get to close to it. Does it have some intelligence? Possibly, but no one knows for sure.

The light has never harmed anyone. It mostly has just frightened people as it tends to come out of nowhere. Some witnesses have even claimed to have felt the heat as it passed by them.

There have been many theories that have attempted to explain why this mysterious light appears here. Originally, a number of legends sprung up around the place. One of them claimed the light was connected to the spirit of two young Quapaw Indians who died in the area many years ago. Another claimed the light was the spirit of an Osage Indian chief who had been beheaded on the Devil's Promenade and the light was said to be his torch as he searched for his missing head. Another legend tells of a miner whose children were kidnapped by Indians and he set off looking for them with only a lantern to light his way. The light is said to be his lantern as continues looking for the children that he will never find.

The first known account of the light was in the Kansas City Star in 1936 and then in 1947 book called Ozark Superstitions by Vance Randolph. Many have investigated the light but have yet to come up with a solid explanation. For now, it remains a mystery.

Source: Prairie Ghosts


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