Blog Announcements

First, it has been a pleasure having Rav'N here, but the lease is almost up. I'm looking for another renter at the moment. The rent is cheap, 30 credits. You get a plug post, occasional plus throughout the week and the option of a guest post.

I also make sure that the rent blog link is changed to your regular blog link after the week is over. Some have asked me to do that. So, I've made it a regular practice of mine. Special consideration goes to regular readers and past bidders who haven't rented space on Ghost Stories yet.

Next, posts here may be a little scarce this week. I'm going to be backing up posts on disk as well as cleaning up my blog layout a bit. Been meaning to do it for a while. I guess this week is as good as any.

Also, I hit the 200 post mark yesterday. I'm pretty proud of that. I guess I get to reminisce as I'm copying all 20o+ posts to a cd-rom.

Last, I've been thinking about starting another blog, a place to share my writing. I don't want to start it on blogger though. I've thought about trying NuTang so I can earn a little money blogging. However, I wanted to get the opinions of those who have/are using it via a poll. Let me know what you think of the site.

Do you like NuTang?
I guess
What's NuTang? free polls

That's all for announcements. Have a wonderful day!


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