Did He Go Too Far?

I subscribe to Weirdo News, an ezine containing unusual stories from around the world. There is one particular story I would like to share with you all that was in the latest issue. It raises a question about how traumatizing ghost stories can be.

A Taiwanese woman named Mrs. Chen has taken out an injunction against her husband to prevent him from telling her ghost stories, complaining he was giving her nightmares. She first applied for a personal protection order which was approved by a district court in Taichung.

They have been married for 20 years but separated a few years ago. The couple has two daughters, who both told a judge that he frequently traumatized her with macabre tales.

In his defense, Mr. Chen claims he is only relaying tales from his job working in an orchard. However, in Mrs. Chen's complaint, she states that he return home every few months in the dead of night in a drunken stupor to visit his daughters. He would then go on to tell her ghost stories about seeing figures clothed in white floating around, people hanging themselves and discovery of human bones near the orchard despite her pleas for him to stop.

I remember when I was a kid, I would scare my younger brother with made up ghost stories, but I never did it to the point he was traumatized by it. Do you think Mr. Chen went too far with his "work stories"?


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