Ghostly Thirteen - Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Ghostly Thirteen is based on the Thursday Thirteen concept except it's paranormal based only. You can list thirteen haunted places, ghosts, myths, etc.

The following is a list of thirteen gods and goddesses from the lovely county of Egypt:

1. Anubis - He guided the souls of the dead from the world of the living to the world of the dead. He is considered the inventor of embalming and mummification.

2. Bes - God of recreation, music, good food, relaxation, and dancing.

3. Osiris - God of goodness and ruler of the underworld.

4. Atum - Atum was considered a very protective god. It was his role to raise the dead pharoahs into the stars.

5. Ptah - Ptah was the god of crafts, skills, and the guardian of all knowledge. He was also the patron god of the city of Memphis. Some priests also believe that he created the world, and yet others claim that he was a type of fertility god.

6. Ra - God of the sun and one of the most important members of the Egyptian pantheon.

7. Bastet - Goddess and protectress of cats and the people who cared for various cats.

8. Nephthys - This goddess did not have any specific attributes but was sometimes personified as a symbol of the desert edge, often barren but sometimes fruitful. An interesting thing to note is that Nephthys and Set never had any children of their own. However, Nephthys was able to con her brother into getting her with child after a drop of alcohol. When her husband attacked and killed Osiris, Nephthys went to the side of her sister Isis and helped her take care of her husband. Because of this, she is now associated with Osiris's council of the dead.

9. Isis - Goddess that taught the Egyptians marriage, household management, medicine, weaving, motherhood, and the working of magical spells and charms. She represented the great parts of women: love, loyalty, protection, motherhood, and sexuality.

10. Set - Set was the god of the desert, storms, chaos, and foreign lands. He was said to be associated with an animal that has no current zoological equivalent.

11. Hathor - Goddess of joy, love, dance, song, and alcohol. Hathor often looked after young ones and children in general. She was also known to carry the dead into the underworld.

12. Thoth - Thoth was the god of wisdom, the moon, and sacred writings. Thoth played a very important role in aiding Isis to save Osiris and promote him the the leader of the dead. Thoth was later to claim the throne of Egypt after Osiris's son Horus.

13. Maat - Goddess of truth, justice, harmony, and world order. Maat was also a member of Osiris's ruling party of the dead. She was responsible for weighing the souls of the dead against her single ostrich feather. If there were too many deeds that weighed down the soul of the deceased, the monster Ammut would eat the dead person and their soul. If the soul was good and pure, they would be promoted to live with the gods for eternity. She was also responsible and was in charge of regulating the seasons and the movement of the stars.

Source: Gods, Heroes, and Myth: World Mythology


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