Horror Movie Fan?

I was watching E! News for updates on the bizarre story of Anna Nicole Smith's death and the legal troubles that followed when I saw a commercial for a horror movie website. I checked it out and it seems pretty informative on past, current and upcoming horror flicks. The site is called FearNet.

Not only can you socialize with other horror movie fans in the chatroom or the forums(sign up is free) but you can also watch some movies for free. Others, you can download to your computer, but you have to either rent or buy them. Plus you can participate in a trivia game to have your name thrown in a drawing for a free hoodie.

I think the only reservation I have is that it takes FOREVER to load with dial-up, roughly about 4 or 5 minutes, but so far, I think it was worth the wait.

Don't forget to check out my renter's place. His week is almost up.


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