I won a DVD!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Lawson Family and a new documentary about what happened to them. Shortly after that, BoD Productions posted a bulletin at Myspace stating the first 50 people or so that added A Christmas Family Tragedy as a friend would be entered into a drawing for five free DVDs. I was one of the lucky five to win a DVD. Yay!!

I didn't want to say anything until I had the DVD in my hand because I wanted to announce that I won it as well as give my thoughts about it all in one post.

My mother's short and sweet review is " Pretty good. Better than I thought it would be."

Allow me to go a bit further. A Christmas Family Tragedy is compiled with interviews, newspaper clippings, photographs and reenactments. The movie not only depicts the tragedy of the Lawson Family massacre but also the effect it had on the community. I wasn't surprised to learn that not only were people allowed to turn the house where the murders took place but some chose to steal some souvenirs. I don't think I'll ever understand why people do that.

In addition to the haunted tales of the Squires Inn Bed & Breakfast, some believe that Payne Rd. may be haunted as well. A creek that runs under a bridge on the road also runs through the Lawson property and is believed that Charles Lawson washed the blood of his family off in that creek a long with the spirits of the children. On the documentary, they stated that some kids went over the bridge slowly and the engine shut off on its own. While in a panic stage, the windows fogged up and little hand prints began to appear on the windows as if they were trying to get in. Even the director had a ghostly encounter of his own.

One thing that stood out to me was when interviewees were discussing Charles Lawson's character, stating that he was a respected and good man to most people but was violently different behind closed doors. I recognized the behavior not because it's common with domestic abuse situations but because it's a familiar side that I've noticed with my dad. A lot of people see him as a good Christian man but he's short tempered. He would get extremely angry over little things. The only difference is that my dad never laid a finger on me in a violent way. There were times I felt like he wanted to but he never did. It seems my younger brother even picked up a little on the behavior. There was only one time that my brother got violent to the point I was afraid for my life. Hopefully, that is the only time it ever happens.

I haven't seen a lot of documentaries in my short life, but I would recommend this one. It's not just about a man who killed most of his family and then himself. It's also making awareness of domestic abuse. It's time to stop minding our own business and get involved. This movie explains what could happen if you don't.


JiNx said…
I consider it a must watch if your into real crime stories. My hats off to the Break Of Dawn guys for putting together a great, but tragic story. And the money they raise is for a great cause. Shows that their not into it for the money, they truly want to help with the domestic violence issue in Stokes county. Hats off to you guys and keep up the good work.

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