"Death is no more than passing from one room into another." – HELEN KELLER

GS Question of the Week

Do you think children should be exposed to the paranormal if they don't have to be? Why or why not?

My Answer: I know experts say that children are more sensitive than adults on this subject. However, the purpose of this question was to discuss whether a child should be exposed to it if it was preventable. This field has so many unanswered questions. If a child sees a ghost, how is a parent suppose to explain that to them. I think most parents would probably dismiss a claim like that as being nothing but a part of a childs imagination. Is that healthy for the child?

There is a show on Discovery Kids channel called Mystery Hunters were kids investigate mysteries and myths. I've seen a few episodes and from what I've seen it takes a skeptic view on things like ghosts and UFOs which is presented to the kids that watch it. If I had a kid, that is what I would want them exposed to. I would want them to know exactly what they have or are experiencing rather than just dismiss it, but not all parents are like that.


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