Blog Awards!

If you haven't noticed the badges on the right by now, I'm nominated in several categories for the Blogger Choice Awards. Even though I don't blog for awards, I think it is fun to participate in them. I would have given up on this blog long ago if popularity was all I wanted.

This blog will be turning 3 this year and I appreciate all the support and opinions from regular readers and visitors. If you feel Ghost Stories is worthy, sign up and vote for it in any of the categories.

Other paranormal/alternative blogs nominated are (This is just a current list. More may be nominated later on):

The Witch Doctor is In - Best Celebrity Blogger, Best Religion Blog and Best Pop Culture Blog

Sue Darroch and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog - Best Hobby Blog

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - Best Podcast Presents High Strangeness Altoona - Best Pop Culture Blog

Waterfalls' Paranormal Life - Best Religion Blog

The Wild Hunt Blog - Best Religion Blog

Doctor Fong's House of Mysteries - Freakiest Blog

Anything Ghost - Best Blog About Stuff, Best Podcast and Freakiest Blogger

Alienviews - Best Blog About Stuff

The OrangeOrb - Best Blog About Stuff, Best Pop Culture Blog and Freakiest Blogger

The Blog of Death - Best Blog of All Time, Best Pop Culture Blog, Freakiest Blogger and The "Blogitzer"

My Paranormal Life - Freakiest Blogger

The Debris Field - Freakiest Blogger

Mysterious Universe - Best Entertainment Blog, Best Geek Blog and Best Podcast

Daily Grail - Best Blog About Stuff, Best Blog of All Time, Best Education Blog, and Best Entertainment Blog

Aliens Ate my Buick - Best Blog About Stuff

FS Radio - Best Podcast

Good Luck to you all!


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