Preparing for an Alien Invasion

When it comes to the subject of UFOs and aliens, there is much uncertainty. Are they hostile? Or could they be friendly? Maybe there are several races that fit into either of those categories. Basically, we just don't know. Authors Travis Taylor and Bob Boan along with R. C. Anding and T. Conley Powell have written a book to help prepare us for the possiblity of a not so pleasant alien encounter entitled "An Introduction to Planetary Defence".

Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke. these four writers are anything but alien obsessed paranoids. Taylor holds advanced degrees in astronomy and physics, and is an associate at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton. He and Boan have done consulting work for the Defence Department and the U.S. space agency NASA. Their credentials are legit as well as the publishing company, BrownWalker Press, who has published such books as "The Science and Lore of the Plant Cell Wall" and "ESP and Psychokinesis".

Taylor acknowledged alien invasion is hardly a mainstream concern but said it is naive to assume -- as scientists like the late Carl Sagan did -- that any beings advanced enough to master star travel will have evolved beyond war.

They revisit two issues that frequently pop up in the debate about whether homo sapiens is alone in the universe: Drake's Equation (The formula drawn up by U.S. astronomer Frank Drake in 1960 tries to estimate how likely contact with an alien civilisation is given factors such as the number of habitable planets.) and Fermi's Paradox (But if there are so many aliens out there, why haven't we heard from them already? A question famously posed by the physicist Enrico Fermi in 1950 to dismiss speculation by his colleagues that intelligent life should be routine.).

Taylor and Boan are convinced Fermi got it wrong. Even if aliens used Godlike technology to jump across thousands of light years in a single day, they would still need millions of years to explore all the star systems in the galaxy. They simply may not have stumbled across our neck of the woods yet.

Taylor and Boan started thinking about how to respond to an aggressive extraterrestrial attack during a 2001 discussion about defending against terrorist attacks.

Failure to prepare may mean mankind will have to dig in and fight with improvised weapons and hit-and-run tactics, much the same way Islamic extremists have battled the U.S. military in Iraq, Taylor said.

"You'd have to create an insurgency, a mujahideen-type resistance," Taylor said. "The insurgents know how to win this war against us. It also tells us that if we were attacked by aliens, this is our best defence."

Will we ever experience a real life War of the Worlds? Maybe...maybe not. I think it would be a bit naive of us to believe it would never happen or be at the very least unprepared. What are your thoughts?

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News


Anonymous said…
They are already here. Pretending to be human. Wolves in sheeps clothing. They need a verbal agreements like "for you" . They hate Christianity. They use the human body as clothing and attempt to kick out the human consciousness, from what I have gathered from a serious of tricky verbal and written agreements such as "for you" "ill take you" "let me go inside of you".

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