12 Cancer Myths Debunked

These days it seems like everything you do there's a risk of causing cancer. The American Cancer Society surveyed nearly 1,000 U.S. adults who have never been diagnosed with cancer. They compiled a list of 12 common cancer myths that have yet to be scientifically proven:
  1. The risk of dying from cancer in the United States is increasing. - 67.7 percent true, 22.5 percent false and 9.8% don't know
  2. Living in a polluted city is a greater risk for lung cancer than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. - 38.7% true, 42.5% false and 18.8% don't know
  3. Some injuries can cause cancer later in life. - 37.2% true, 41.9% false, 20.9 don't know
  4. Electronic devices, like cell phones, can cause cancer in the people who use them. - 29.7% true, 45.6% false, 24.7% don't know
  5. What someone does as a young adult has little effect on their chance of getting cancer later in life. - 24.8% true, 68.1% false, 7.1% don't know
  6. Long-time smokers cannot reduce their cancer risk by quitting smoking. - 16.2% true, 78.1% false, 5.7% don't know
  7. People who smoke low-tar cigarettes have less chance of developing lung cancer than people who smoke regular cigarettes. - 14.7% true, 74.5% false, 10.8% don't know
  8. Personal hygiene products, like shampoo, deodorant and antiperspirants, can cause cancer. - 13.7% true, 71% false, 15.3% don't know
  9. Getting a mammogram, or using a special X-ray machine to detect breast cancer, can cause cancer of the breast. - 10.2% true, 73.7% false, 16.1% don't know
  10. Getting a base tan or base coat at a tanning salon will provide protection from skin cancer when you go outside in the sun. - 8.4% true, 78.4% false, 13.2% don't know
  11. Underwire bras can cause breast cancer. - 6.2% true, 62.9% false, 30.9% don't know
  12. You cannot get skin cancer from using a tanning booth.6.2% true, 75.5% false, 18.3% don't know
How many did you believe to be true?

Source: Live Science


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