Emily's Bridge

The Gold Brook Bridge was built in 1844 by John W. Smith to allow safe passage over the brook when traveling around the three villages of Stowe, Vermont. However, it wasn't until about 150 years ago did it acquire it's infamous nickname, Emily's Bridge.

Supposedly, a young girl name Emily was denied permission to marry the man of her dreams. So, what do forbidden lovers do? They elope. The plan was for her lover to meet her on the Gold Brook Bridge and they would run away together. There was a problem though. Her soul mate never showed. Out of anger and depression, she hung herself from a beam within the bridge. Since that night, it is believed that she haunts the bridge. Like any ghost story, there are different versions of this legend.

You would think with such a sad story that Emily's spirit would be harmless, more sad than vengeful. According to many witness reports, that's not the case. Some experiences associated with the bridge include the scratching of passing horse drawn carriages and cars, strange lights and ghostly figures.

Despite the fear of crossing Emily's Bridge, residents of Stowe vowed to keep it forever beautifully restored.

Source: Haunted Hamilton


Anonymous said…
i heard that she jumped off the bridge on her wedding day when he didnt show up and that she juped off and they had never found her body
Anonymous said…
I have been there...and you do NOT want to go there. I'm not kidding, it's so creepy. I'm not the type of person to get scared but I am never going there again. I got hurt by Emily, she scratched my back, and I have scars to prove it. She also clawed my car, and shook it. The lights in my car turned on and off and the music was off, and it turned on. Now, if you read this and you plan on going, don't go. I got hurt, and my car got scratched. DON'T GO!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!! I AM WARNING YOU!!!!! YOU WILL DIE!!!!! NEVER GO THERE!!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!! YOU WILL NEED TO BUY NEW PANTS BECAUSE YOU WILL PEE YOUR PANTS UNTIL YOU ARE SITTING IN YOUR OWN PEE!!!!!!!!!NEVER EVER NEVER EVER GO THERE!!!!!! TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T TELL YOU GUYS ANYMORE THAT I AM!!!!!! DON'T GO!!!!!!! OMG DON'T GO!!!!!! I'M NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!

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