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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ghost Adventures

Filmmakers Zak Bagans and Nick Groff along with Aaron Goodwin investigated, I use that word loosely, various locations in Virginia City, Nevada and the Goldfield Hotel.

FoxNews states it's "...The Best Proof Caught on Tape!" I'm not sure it's the best proof of all times, but it's some compelling footage. Think a real life version of the Blair Witch Project except they were hunting ghosts and not a witch. Most of the evidence caught was EVPs and orbs minus personal experiences. However, there are three video clips that might send chills up your spine.

They captured on camera a full bodied apparition in the Washoe Club. Nick walked out of the room and it appeared the ghost followed right behind him. The second piece of footage was that of a shadowy figure filmed in the Goldfield Hotel. It's believed to be a gunslinger who has often been seen in that particular area. The last evidence caught on tape scared the filmmakers so much they jumped out a second story window, using the fire escape to get out of the building (they were locked inside the hotel) and I can't say I blame them.

They were exploring a maze called the basement. The place where a poltergeist is said to haunt. While they were there, Nick and Zak decided to take an aggressive approach to force the spirit to manifest. Well, they got their wish. A brick lifted up and flew across the room and it looked like some boards may have moved as well. After witnessing this, the two ran upstairs and were separated for a few minutes. Once reunited, they decided to leave the hotel.

The purpose of this documentary was to prove that ghosts exist. I believe Zak accomplished what he set out to. If you didn't see it, don't worry. The Sci-Fi channel will air Ghost Adventures six more times. Overall, Zak Bagan's first film was a success.

To learn more about this raw documentary, check out their MySpace page.




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