Ghost Adventures

Filmmakers Zak Bagans and Nick Groff along with Aaron Goodwin investigated, I use that word loosely, various locations in Virginia City, Nevada and the Goldfield Hotel.

FoxNews states it's "...The Best Proof Caught on Tape!" I'm not sure it's the best proof of all times, but it's some compelling footage. Think a real life version of the Blair Witch Project except they were hunting ghosts and not a witch. Most of the evidence caught was EVPs and orbs minus personal experiences. However, there are three video clips that might send chills up your spine.

They captured on camera a full bodied apparition in the Washoe Club. Nick walked out of the room and it appeared the ghost followed right behind him. The second piece of footage was that of a shadowy figure filmed in the Goldfield Hotel. It's believed to be a gunslinger who has often been seen in that particular area. The last evidence caught on tape scared the filmmakers so much they jumped out a second story window, using the fire escape to get out of the building (they were locked inside the hotel) and I can't say I blame them.

They were exploring a maze called the basement. The place where a poltergeist is said to haunt. While they were there, Nick and Zak decided to take an aggressive approach to force the spirit to manifest. Well, they got their wish. A brick lifted up and flew across the room and it looked like some boards may have moved as well. After witnessing this, the two ran upstairs and were separated for a few minutes. Once reunited, they decided to leave the hotel.

The purpose of this documentary was to prove that ghosts exist. I believe Zak accomplished what he set out to. If you didn't see it, don't worry. The Sci-Fi channel will air Ghost Adventures six more times. Overall, Zak Bagan's first film was a success.

To learn more about this raw documentary, check out their MySpace page.


Anonymous said…
This was undoubtedly the BEST evidence I have ever seen caught on tape! No dissrespecting ever popular 'T.A.P.S.' for what they do but...they're investigations can't even TOUCH what you'all caught on film. NOT to mention the way you guys go balls out and actualy conjure the spirits with ouija boards, go to cemetarys and THE most haunted places on earth. No pussy-footin arround you guys are AWESOME for bringing the world HARD evidence and my family and myself COMMEND YOU ALL for delivering the goods!!!

Keep up the good work!
~David Martinez of Bartlesville CA.
Anonymous said…
I've seen this 3 time now and it gets better each time, The scariest part is when Nick and Zak are in the hotel and the brick takes "flight". I jumped 5 feet in the air the first time and almost fell off my seat the 2nd because i jumped while lying down. I hope they do more Adventures.

Anonymous said…
They could have gotten out of there faster if they had been wearing their dresses. They were screaming like little girls. My wife who is 4' 11" 110 pounds and a Paranormal Investigator has been in stressful situations but never had the urge to run. If you get scared you walk out with your partner not run. If one of the screamers had run into a board full of nails and kill themself what then??? If they got so scared why did they carry their equipment with them????one had a hugh camera...that would have slowed his flight for life...then they were so scared they jumped from a two story floor...don't make much sense does it????

give the evidence to other investigators and let them test it.


JUMP from a second floor window?????

There was some evidence that I would like to see close up and then go back to where it was taken and try to reproduce it by natural means.

I like to think I am a "skeptic" but not "close-minded."
Unknown said…
Hi, I'm Cheyenne from Anna, Texas
I too viewed this show and was totally blown away by the video; actually, I did get a laugh at how they split as soon as they 'got' what they wanted.I would of run too!As most of you, I watch anything I can find on ghosts, the most disappointing one is on the travel channel, Most Haunted, that damn blonde wont shut up long enough to see/hear anything and she is ALWAYS 'seeing' feeling or getting hit by something,perhaps they could use duct tape on her mouth for one show and we could hear something. I really liked the TAPS in the light house. Kudos to this and more shows like it.
kirstie said…
heyy i just wanted to let ya'll know i LOVE your show. it's the only paranormal show that i think is real. but i thought i'd let ya'll should check out woodland medical hospital in cullman al. they shut it down during the summer and they moved. they say theres this guy named "homer" and he haunts there and many others and i was just wondering if ya'll could check it out and c if it really is and find some stuff out(:

i love ya'lls show!!!
Unknown said…
Ya'll should come to Plainview, Tx and check out the old haunted Hilton hotel!
Unknown said…
they are without a doubt the best investigators ive seen they will go anywhere to get footage that means they kove what they do i dont believe any other shows except theres its like zak has a special ability to draw activity to him just keep taping guys you will get the jawdropper! sooner or later by that i mean get the one that can confirm to the world so everyone can shut the fuck up about ghosts not being true!!!!!
Anonymous said…
im evie im from corpus christi, Tx im a big fan of ghost adventures!I think those guys are very courageous and the evidence they captured on camera in the different locations is so nail biteing!If you guys(zach,nick,Aaron) see this post you all should consider investigating out here in Corpus Christi,Tx!There's this abandoned place called the Smith building thats haunted.Its believed to be haunted by a little girl there's actual footage recorded on a VHS recorder back in the day by some painters who wanted to prove to their boss that the building was haunted!You can see the footage on Youtube just look under Corpus Christi Smith building!Another place is our old court house. Before they had boarded up the windows witnesses had said to have seen men hanging; yrs ago on halloween a 12yr old boy was dared to go into the abandoned court house he fell out of the 6th floor window to his death some speculate he was pushed that's why the windows are now boarded! Also there's the Lexington battle ship thats haunted!
Anonymous said…
hey im 12 i was pushed into knives i think it was a ghost, i was alone
virendra singh said…
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Anonymous said…
not that bad
Ankit Sethi said…
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Anonymous said…
Where to even start with these idiots. Debra and Mark Constantino I must have missed that show of them trying to speak with them. The Orbs are just dust, use an inferred camera and see for yourself. Next the FM thing, you can make something that will bleed over MANY frequencies for $9, i made one in high school. There is your voices, ok the obulise thing, we have idiots now that cant even use windows, you expect a spirts in the early 1900's to be able to figure that damn thing out? Bill Chappell, omg what a hack, really trying to label him an engineer? Where are the schismatics on his junk? When the show first started, it was good, now it is a joke with spooky sound effects and other stupid crap, and them not capturing a damn thing but oh I have goosebumps it must be the devil here. No Shit head, your believing your own stupidity and scared!
Unknown said…
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