Kids Attending Graveyard School Have Nightmares

There's a common theory which states that children are more open to ghostly activity than adults. Kids at a school in the eastern state of Bihar, India may be proof of that. What is known is that scores of students are having recurring nightmares of ghosts which may not be unusual considering their school is located in a Muslim graveyard.

Hundreds of students were forced to study in the makeshift school after authorities refused to donate land for a school in Kohari village. Now, parents are demanding it be moved to a new location stating their children's sleep and health is being affected by these dreams.

Ram Yash Singh, a village council official, says they are looking into the matter of supplying new land for the school. Unfortunately, they may have to make due with the current accommodations seeing that the nearest other school is about four hours away.

Would you jeopardize your child's well being to give him/her an education in such conditions?

Source: Reuters via Yahoo News


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