Croxteth Hall

Duke William of Normandy sent William Molyneux to take charge of Sefton. In 1575, the original house was built in Liverpool, England. Croxteth Hall gradually extended over the years in three different styles until it was finally completed in 1902. The Earls of Sefton remained in the home for over 400 yrs. With the surrounding farmland, they hunted for sport. Gambled away much of the fortune, forcing them to sell parts of the property.

Eustache Ude, chef to King Louis XVII, fled the French Revolution and found employment at the hall. In 1952, another Molyneux family chef Raymond Lempereurs saved the hall and most of its invaluable contents from a destructive fire. His heroic actions led to him being featured in a documentary about Liverpool's French connection entitled "Croxteth Hall - the French Connection". The last Earl died in 1972. With no heir, he bequeathed Croxteth hall to the Liverpool City Council.

Several spirits are believed to be haunting the area. However, it is the above alleged ghost footage that has recently circulated for thoughts and opinions. Could it be a ghost or maybe just a bug?


Anonymous said…
We seen an horrific ghost here
Anonymous said…
So did we in the kitchen of a man in a hood

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