TAPS Loses Lawsuit

Season 5 of Ghost Hunters is off to a good start. However, TAPS has suffered a loss. No one died but they did lose the right to the domain name Taps.com. They currently operate under www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com. It's no surprise they were looking for something shorter and better. Unfortunately, someone beat them to it.

A resident of France registered the name without the ghostly organization in mind and an arbitration panel agreed. I guess the Ghost Hunters will have to stick with the same ole web address. For more information, check out the Domain Name Wire article.

In other legal news, owners of a supposedly "haunted" mill filed a lawsuit against the writers of "Weird Ohio" and the website www.forgottenohio.com for the nightmare their family has been put through. They claim both contained false tales of mass murder and hauntings. Thanks to ghost hunters and the curious they have had to hire off-duty deputies and an estate dog. The judge ruled in March that neither did not place the family in a false light, and there was no intent of emotional distress; and those sued had never trespassed or ever caused anyone else to trespass on the property.

Intended or not, I feel that if you publish a book or make a movie about a real haunted place people will want to see the actual location. Some may drive by. Others will trespass or do worse. It's pretty much a given these days. Just because you read or see a movie/TV show about a haunted location, doesn't give you the right to trespass or harass the owners. Show some respect.


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