The Seven Sisters Inn

I'm sure some of you are wondering what has become of the beloved Seven Sisters Inn. Did a buyer step up and save it or did it go to auction? Drum roll Unfortunately, all the candlelight vigils and petitions weren't enough to save the beloved inn from its fate. On April 7th, Seven Sisters Inn was sold to the highest bidder.

The inn's new owner is Fernandina Beach-based First Coast Community Bank who bought the landmark for $100,000. They vowed to place Seven Sisters Inn back on the market and expressed interest in seeking owners that would keep one or both of the properties an inn. The battle isn't over yet. There's still hope.

UPDATE 2013 - The Seven Sisters Inn was saved is currently still open for guests.


Unknown said…
The historic Rheinhauer House of the former Seven Sisters Inn may very well become the next generation of the NEW Historic Seven Sisters Inn. Updates will be posted on facebook group Freinds of Seven Sisters Inn. Keep your eye open!

Charlie-Manager of Seven Sisters Inn

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