Cutler-Majestic Theater

Built in 1903, the Cutler-Majestic Theater is one of the oldest theaters operating in Boston. Located at Emerson College, the theater was commissioned by Eben Dyer Jordan, son of the founder of Jordan Marsh, a Boston-based chain of department stores. In the 1920s, The Majestic was converted to accommodate vaudeville shows. Then later turned in to a movie house until 1983 under the name of Saxon Theater. In the mid-1980s, Emerson College purchased and restored it to its former beauty.

Story goes a former Boston mayor died during a performance and is now often seen sitting at the theater. However, it's hard to determine which mayor it is. Several have died at the Majestic. There are also reports of a little girl who accepts hidden gifts and married couple who haunts the balcony. People refer to a room in the theater as "The Nightmare Room" because of a severe feeling of congestion and breathing difficulties.


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