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Welcome to the June 2009 edition of Ghost Stories Carnival.

The purpose of this carnival is to gather articles about the paranormal from around the blog-o-sphere. If you would like to submit an article for the next Ghost Stories Carnival, please read the guidelines.

So, without further ado, sit back and start clicking away.


Phylameana presents Do You Believe In Angels? posted at Phylameana lila Desy saying, "Poll and angel encounter stories".


Asheesh presents Western Astrology - Astrology - Horoscope posted at My Free Horoscopes saying, "Basics of Western Astrology."

Vichuda presents Ourang Medan Ghost Ship posted at Kota Medan City Indonesia


Martin J. Clemens presents To Charge or Not to Charge, That is the Question posted at Paranormal People.

Ghost Stories presents Green Man Tunnel posted at Ghost Stories

Vera Nadine presents Medium Adventures: The Roman in the Bath posted at Vera Nadine.

floslib presents How to Cast a Spell posted at Spirited Script.


DM Smith presents The Energy Pool Theory posted at DM Smith.

Nancy Miller presents 100 Best Spirituality Blogs posted at EKG Classes.


Josh Hanagarne presents Book Review: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Series posted at World's Strongest Librarian saying, "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is always being challenged for removal from library shelves. The reason? Because it's scary! Too few books that want to be scary actually are. This is one of the best and the art is truly indescribable".


This concludes the June 2009 edition of the Ghost Stories Carnival. THANK YOU for submitting your links! If you would like to see your work showcased in the July 2009 edition, please submit your links here.

If you submitted your link and don’t see it here, that probably means I received it after the deadline.

Thanks for visiting the carnival participants and don’t forget to check back July 7th for the next Ghost Stories Carnival.


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