Ohio Grassman

In 1869, the first Grassman was sighted in Gallia County, Ohio. Imagine seeing an ape-like creature standing at seven to nine feet tall with brown or reddish hair and a muscular build. What would your reaction be? Now a days, a camera would be retrieved and the next blurry video clip would hit YouTube fame.

Some believed the Grassman is yet another Bigfoot in a different location. Those with a close encounter with the creature describe it as having a more human-like face and teeth. The History Channels investigative team Monster Quest went in search for evidence of its existence. Unfortunately, the evidence they recovered was inconclusive.

Will the Grassman ever be identified?


Anonymous said…
Hello. I live in Millersburg Ohio. This is not really much of a story to tell but i will try to describe it in the best of words i can. A friend and I were walking on the Holmes County trail towards a town called Killbuck. I have heard people with rumors about the trail and, well, i do believe some of them because let's face it: the Holmes County trail is located between a bunch of trees and tons of swamp land. There could be something else out there with us in this strange county that we have yet to realize. There are people that i know that have just vanished and i have never heard or seen from again. How is that for strange Holmes County Ohio? Anyway, my experience was quite amusing and frightening at the same time. I have never heard of the Grassman of Ohio before until i had mentioned something to my boyfriend and he had told me all about it. It kinda appeased my mind because I then realized that i wasn't just imagining things. Well like i said i was walking on the trail with one of my friends when he had decided to do the illegal thing and stop to go to the bathroom. So i was standing there looking around at the scenery of the dozens of turtles on the logs in the middle of the swamp when i decided to look up and about 300 or so feet in front of me or maybe more i seen this big , hairy ape-man type thing just standing there erect and hair blowing in the breeze. I tapped my friend and i asked him what that was. He looked up and he wasnt sure but his eyes were pretty wide with wonder also. After a brief moment of a stare down with the thing it took two giant steps off the trail, which he was standing straight in the middle of, and walked straight into the weeds where most people were not supposed to wander off into.

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