Linda Heights Hospital

In last weeks episode of VH1's Charm School, they featured the Linda Heights Hospital as a challenge location. The purpose was for the girls to face their fears while earning money for charity. This isn't the first time the hospital has been used for entertainment purposes. It was the backdrop for the pilot episode of ER and Moonlight TV series. In movies such as End of Days, Pearl Harbor and Outbreak. Garbage and Duran Duran used it for the setting in their music videos. But allow me to get in to the history of the building.

Linda Vista Hospital was built in 1904 of the Boyle Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Originally named Santa Fe Railroad Hospital, it's primary purpose was to service railroad workers and the community. There is a rumor floating around that Howard Hughes often visited the hospital during his time in Los Angeles, occupying the entire top floor. The hospital closed in 1990. The reasons vary: high death rate, doctors murdering their patients, financial troubles, haunted. In 2006, the site was to be turned in to apartments but the deal fell through. Currently, it serves as a film location.

Is Linda Heights Hospital haunted? Eyewitnesses have reported a green light always on. A strange odor emanating from the 3rd floor. A little girl hear laughing and playing. Screams, cries, moaning. Lights turning on and off. A doctor has been seen in the main building, top floor window wearing a white coat and tie. Sounds like a great place to film a horror movie.


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