Extreme Paranormal

I have to admit. I was going to watch and review the show, but I’m feeling a bit burned out on paranormal TV at the moment. So, I opted for CSI: Miami instead. This won’t be me giving you a thumbs up or down because it wouldn’t be fair. However, I did switch back during commercials and see pieces of Extreme Paranormal.

They conducted two investigations. The first was at New Mexico State Penitentiary. This was the site of one of the most horrible prison riots in history. Thirty-three prisoners died from either being hacked to death, burned alive and/or tortured. After this tragedy, the prison closed. The second investigation took place at Bonito Lake. Bonito City use to stand where the lake is now. A murderer named Martin Nelson killed seven people before being gunned down by a posse. The city was eventually abandoned and then it flooded creating Bonito Lake. It’s believed Martin Nelson haunts the lake now.

From the little I saw, I think this one may get pulled from the air some point, but I could be wrong. It seemed the only thing extreme about it came from the three investigators Shaun Burris, Nathan Schoonover and Jason Gowin reactions to alleged paranormal activity.

There is a bit of news concerning Halloween live shows. It seems Ghost Hunters has bailed out of their usual. For the past few years, they have conducted live investigations of a haunted location. They’re not doing that this year. Instead they will have like a live Q&A or something like that along with a marathon of viewers favorite past episodes. Sounds like to me, controversy over last years live show may have got the better of them. But don’t worry, Ghost Adventures is picking up the tabbed. The GA crew will be having a live investigation of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on October 30th. They’ll also have the fan interactions with chat, texting and all that.

Personally, I like Ghost Hunters but there are just so many times I can watch the re-runs before I’m bored. I think them sitting this one out is not a good idea, but I’m sure they have their reasons. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

UPDATE: There's been a lot of confusion over the Ghost Hunters live event. From what I understand so far, there will be a live investigation. However, Jason and Grant may not be apart of it. Jason and Grant have tweeted they will be home spending Halloween with their families. I saw a tweet from Grant today confirming the panic button and live webcams. That leads me to believe there will be a live investigation with or without them.

Ghost Hunters, whoever is planning on being present, and Ghost Hunters Academy recruits will investigate Essex County Hospital. Josh Gates is returning as host. Not sure if any celebrities will be joining. I think I read somewhere Meatloaf may be making another appearance. I don't know. The GH marathon begins at 8 am Central and the live investigation starts at 6pm Central. If, indeed, Jason and Grant are sitting this one out, here's hoping it will still be a good night.


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