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Welcome to the 2009 Halloween edition of Ghost Stories Carnival.

The purpose of this carnival is to gather articles about the paranormal from around the blog-o-sphere. If you would like to submit an article for the next Ghost Stories Carnival, please read the guidelines.

So, without further ado, sit back and start clicking away.


S. Krishna presents S. Krishna's Books: Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender posted at S. Krishna's Books.


Patrick Bernauw
presents Lady Wonder, or: The Psychic Detective Was a Horse! | Socyberty posted at Socyberty.

Patrick Bernauw presents The Island of the Living Dead Dolls posted at The Lost Dutchman.

Jennifer Gaines presents My Amityville Moment... posted at Why I believe....

Ghost Stories presents Robert the Doll posted at Ghost Stories.

Katie Sorene presents 11 Places to Raise the Dead posted at Travel Blog - Tripbase.


Ron presents rons psychic ability story posted at Ron stories.


mysticdave presents Ghost Dreams posted at Mystical Poetry, Prose, and Political Viewpoints.


Peter presents Extreme Psychic by Derek Acorah posted at we overstep.


This concludes the 2009 Halloween edition of the Ghost Stories Carnival. THANK YOU for submitting your links! If you would like to see your work showcased in the December 2009 edition, please submit your links here.

If you submitted your link and don’t see it here, that probably means I received it after the deadline.

Thanks for visiting the carnival participants and don’t forget to check back December 1st for the next Ghost Stories Carnival.

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