False Alarm

Sleepiness definitely clouded my judgment on this one. A show premieres unlike most of the others and I’m thinking, “Okay something different. Might be worth the viewing.” Totally wrong. I don’t watch Ghost Adventures because they are overly aggressive. To me it looks like a bunch of lunatics running around an alleged haunted place. To others it’s entertainment.

I think I was willing to give Ghost Lab a chance with the hopes it would get better but it just got worse. It ranks right up there with Ghost Adventures just with fancier equipment. It was like letting a bunch of wrestlers loose at Tombstone but at least they weren’t as narcissistic as a certain someone else who guest starred on a certain other paranormal TV show. Frankly, I’m not wasting my time with this show anymore.

In other TV news, previews of the latest installment in the Ghost Hunters franchise has begun to air. When the word got out about a college version of GH, I guess I was expecting something a little like Paranormal State. That’s what I get for having expectations. It looks interesting but we get to wait until November 11th to see if Ghost Hunters Academy lives up to the success of the other two GH shows.

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