Binnenveld Ghost House

Binnenveld House or Huissen House was built in 1735 and is one of Holland's most haunted houses. This one house has the citizens of Huissen divided into two groups: the believers and the nonbelievers. For years, kids didn't feel comfortable playing near the building. Locals passed the house as quickly as they could to avoid the feeling of being watched by its round windows. The numerous deaths and bad luck associated with the house has led to its notorious bad reputation.

In 1770, hundreds of Huissen residents fled to the house, seeking shelter from a flood. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save 200 of the town's inhabitants. During World War II, a German soldier was killed inside Binnenveld and supposedly four females committed suicide in the attic during different years but by the same method of hanging.

Several former owners experienced various amounts of bad luck before and after purchasing the house, including two famous Dutch celebrities. The first victim was the famous entertainer and motivation coach Emile Ratelband. He bought the house for his son in may 2008 with plans to renovate it. Ratelband didn't believe in ghosts despite rumors about the house. The family experienced repeated banging sounds, unexplainable piano music and other weird noises. Shortly after moving in, the family left and put Binnenveld up for sale immediately.

About a year later, eccentric Dutch millionaire Johan Vlemmix was intrigued by the reputation of Binnenveld and set his mind on buying it. On his way to Huissen for a meeting with Ratelband, his car navigation kit stopped functioning. He stopped at a gas station to look for directions in a book of maps but the page with the map of Huissen was missing. Later his car suffered a blowout costing him to arrive four hours too late for his appointment. Johan Vlemmix bought the house the same day. He soon realized all the stories were true. A pigeon flew into his face in the attic, he heard the mysterious piano music and noises. Doors started closing by themselves with force, a ceiling leaked water and he heard sounds like someone was walking on the floor above him.

Psychics told him that there was a body buried in the cellar. Investigations led to the conclusion the area was big enough to bury a body. He planned to open the floor live on his personal free internet tv-station. However, all that was found was a second concrete floor. The ghosts didn't really bother him, but Vlemmix decided to put the house on the market anyways because of all the bad luck he had which included losing over 500,000 euros in his business, his girlfriend left him and health issues.


pr0udmom0f3 said…
I'd sell the house too!
Adsila said…
Yikes, great story!
Anonymous said…
really wonder if it's true though, specially cause of those so called celebs. They will do anything just to get back in the spotlight ;)

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