The Glowing Tombstone

I've heard several stories concerning cemeteries and tombstones. You would think a legend about a glowing tombstone would be a work of fiction. However, several states including Texas and Missouri have their own version of the Glowing Tombstone. This post concentrates on the Benton, Kentucky version.

Legend states an old married couple lived near a cemetery. One night, they heard strange activity coming from a nearby barn and believed it to be cult activity. The old man decided to check out what this cult was doing. When he didn't return, his wife went to search for him. She found him dead, hanging in the barn. Now, his tombstone glows at night to warn others his vengeful spirit is still waiting in the barn for the men who killed him.

Supposedly, the house the couple lived in is gone. There were attempts to build a new house on the property for a new couple. However, it mysteriously fell down. The barn still stands.

From what I understand, the exact location of the tombstone is on private property. If so, seek permission from the owner(s) before visiting. Trespassing could lead you to being arrested.


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