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Do you think the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Devil's Bible have some sort of connection?


Anna Barlowe said…
Uh oh, now I'm feeling out of it. What is the Devil's Bible, exactly?
Jessica Penot said…
Wow. I've never even thought that there might be a connection. You should do a blog post on what the connection could be because now I'm really curious.
Andrea Allison said…
The Devil's Bible was created in the 13th Century and is known for this large illustration of a devil. There's a legend attached to it that the monk who wrote it as punishment for breaking a sacred vow made a deal with the devil in order to finish it.

I haven't found much of an argument to link the two. Supposedly, there was a picture taken on 9/11 of a devilish face in the smoke rising from one of the towers. In the Devil's Bible, many of the pages have twin columns, including the page with the devil illustration. Sounds like speculation to me.
Anna Barlowe said…
Yeah, sounds like matrixing to me. Easier to blame the devil than real, misguided people in a situation like that.

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