El Camino de la Muerte

This particular place caught my eye after learning about it on The History Channel. It's called El Camino de la Muerte a.k.a The Death Road. Why is it called The Death Road? Over 200,000 people, about 150 people each year, have died since this road was constructed.

They don't have an exact number of deaths as many buses with unregistered passengers have ended in accidents. It seems like buses are the ones most often having accidents on that road. Located in Bolivia, it is the only way to get from La Paz to the Amazon. They are in the process of building a safer route but after many years and millions of dollars, they are still not close to finishing it.

One particular man was traveling with his wife and child on the road in a bus. The bus tumbled over the edge, about a 2,000 ft drop. His wife and child both died, but the man survived. After the man recovered a bit, days after the accident, he traveled on the road once again in another bus in search of his child's body which was never found. This bus also tumbled over the edge and yet he survived the 2nd accident. Now, the locals consider him cursed and will not travel with him. That's got to be rough.

Some say the road is also haunted some who have tried to warn people of possible danger. It's of no surprise considering how many people have died there.

Narrow sections (San Juan Pass being the most dangerous), blind curves, and climate changes all keep this road as one of the top places to go for thrill seekers. If you're superstitious, be sure and stop by the Witches' Market in La Paz for a good luck charm before your journey.


Jessica Penot said…
That is an amazing Number of deaths. You would think people would just stop driving on that road all together after 100 or so deaths.
Courtney Mroch said…
Whoa! That sounds like a treacherous road. I would DEFINITELY stop at the Witches' Market for a good luck charm!
Bobbi Holberg said…
Some of us believe that ghost apparitions are the cause of such accidents on roads. Our world is indeed full of mystery. For me, if you're just a newbie in a certain place, you must respect it. To avoid such vehicular accidents, just follow the road rules and wear protective gears. When I go to my office, I use my bike. I never forget to wear my helmet and one of my Ansi class 2 safety vests.
Anonymous said…
bobbi you are a rambling idiot.ghosts causing acidents. and then you enthrall us with what you wear to work on your push bike

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