Ghost Stories Has Crossed Over to Facebook

Several people email me about sharing links to their websites or blog posts or I come across articles and always seem to bookmark them. Then, forget about them. They sit in my favorites folder forever until I get the urge to purge which doesn't happen often. So, a Facebook page seemed like a logical solution.

Ghost Stories the Blog is name chosen mainly because the term "Ghost Stories" is rather popular. It'll feature links to articles, websites, blog announcements and blog posts. Feel free to make comments or add your photos and videos.

So, hop on over and give it a "Like" and a hello. It's feeling a bit lonely right now. :o(


Adsila said…
I clicked the like button.
Courtney Mroch said…
Going to click right after I say YAY! Glad to see you're taking it to FB. I'll be sure to not only like but to add you to HJ's fave pages. ;) CONGRATS!!!!
d3m3nt3d_d3m0n said…
It was a very thrilling story
I've got a blog spot too visit

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