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Ghostly Thirteen was inspired by the Thursday Thirteen meme. You list thirteen paranormal-related things, for example your top 13 posts (if you have a paranormal blog), mythical creatures, gods, haunted houses, etc... All is welcomed to participate either in the comments section or your own blog. Theme is up to you as long as its paranormal related.

My Theme – 13 Reviews

1. Destination Truth
2. There's Something Under the Bed By: Ursula Bielski
3. DRACULAS By: Jake Strand, Blake Crouch, F. Paul Wilson and J. A. Konrath
4. Celebrity Ghost Stories
5. Ghost Adventures
6. Mary Knows Best/Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files
7. Thripz By: Robert Farley
8. St. Francisville Experiment
9. Celebrity Paranormal Project
10. Jonah Knight
11. Lawson Family Massacre
12. Dragon Creed By: Susie Hawes
13. Beast Legends


Anna Barlowe said…
Well, according to my site stats, below are the top posts from my very strange blog, The Painted Universe, which you can find at

The ironic part is that #1 is actually one of the few that have nothing to do with the overall theme of my blog - I had an ocular migraine one day and wrote a post about it, including a picture of what the aura looks like, and not a day goes by that I don't get four or five hits on that silly thing!

Funny, huh? I always imagine those poor migraine sufferers taking a look around some of the other posts, and running screaming for the hills! No wonder they never leave comments! I probably GIVE them a migraine, if they don't already have one.

Because the rest of the blog is mostly about my invisible Jewish past-life boyfriend Daniel, who looks a lot like a famous singer, and talks to me using special lights. And if that isn't paranormal, nothing is!

Also there's some stuff about auras (the spiritual kind) and other woo-woo topics, just for variety. In fact I just posted a wicked creepy cool EVP the other day, right here:

And now here's the list. Thanks, this was fun!

P.S. Obviously I recommend reading Daniel's Story in order, if anyone is interested. Definitely makes a lot more sense that way. :)

1. From C to Shining C
2. Phantom Pheedback Phorum
3. Daniel's Story, Part 2
4. Readers Take the Wheel
5. Extravaganza
6. Daniel's Story, Part 5
7. Daniel's Story, Part 6
8. Picture This
9. Daniel's Story, Part 7
10. Daniel's Story, Part 4
11. Out Of My Head
12. The Normal Paranormal
13. Daniel's Story, Part 15
Donna K. Fitch said…
I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it, so I thought I'd post something in your Ghostly Thirteen entry.

My Theme - 13 Strange Things That Have Fallen From the Sky
1. Grain
2. Sulfur
3. Lumps of butter
4. Wool
5. Cobwebs
6. Charred paper
7. Lumps of jelly
8. Black rain
9. Red rain
10. Dried fish spawn
11. Flakes of beef
12. Sand
13. Frogs

These all came from Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned, one of my favorite sources for weirdness.
Thanks for letting me share!
Donna K. Fitch

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