The Ada Witch

Ada, Michigan has the legend of the Ada Witch. In the 1800s, a woman would often meet her lover in the wooded area surrounding the cemetery on 2 Mile Road. Her husband somehow learned of her infidelity. One night, enraged with jealousy, he followed her to their rendezvous. Witnessing the lovers embrace, he boiled over with rage and murdered his wife on the spot. Then, diverted his attentions toward her lover. Unfortunately, the two were evenly matched. They fought, significantly injuring one another until they both succumbed to death.

A story like this is fairly common, but has raised several questions. Who was this woman? Where is she buried? Is the story even true? Did she really exist? Many who know of the story have taken it upon themselves to try and convert the legend in to fact. There is a grave in Findlay Cemetery visitors and ghost hunters alike thought it belonged to the Ada Witch as she is most often seen there. The headstone, partially broken, is being held in place by two posts. After a little research by determined fact seekers, it was discovered the grave belonged to a woman named Sarah A. McMillan who was not murdered but died of typhoid in 1870. There is another Sarah buried in the cemetery but there's no evidence the lady of this story was even named Sarah. What about the name: Ada Witch? The legend includes no details of the woman being involved in witchcraft, no association with those who were. And yet, she was given the name Ada Witch.

Along with mounting questions are mounting paranormal experiences. The Ada Witch is believed to haunt several areas: Findlay Cemetery (where she is supposedly buried), Honey Creek Road (where her body was supposedly found), and Seidman Park (where she was supposedly murdered). She is sometimes described as being a beautiful dark haired woman in a white dress or a ghastly looking woman that bore the injuries of her murder. Other activity includes seeing bluish-green mists, orbs, footsteps, a woman weeping, bone chilling shrieks (male and female), being touched and sounds of a struggle.

Does the Ada Witch exist? People are witnessing something in Ada, Michigan. But if you're thinking about visiting the areas where she is seen, I warn you not to trespass.


Julie Ferguson said…
Myth or not, she makes for a great story.
Jessica Penot said…
It is interesting how female figures associated with the supernatural are so often labeled witches even if they weren't witches at all. Good story.
Pradeep V said…
Nice read.. Sounds like a cool witch :)
Anonymous said…
I've lived near 2Mile Road and Honey Creek Ave. for nearly thirty years. Long before learning about the witch legend, I found two recently dug graves in Seidman Park near a farmhouse. What is odd is that I never found those graves again, although I know that area like the back of my hand. Was it all a dream, was it real, or was it something else? I don't know, but nothing like this has happened to me before or since. It bothers me because I can't explain it.
Unknown said…
Definitely real! Probably ten years ago, I went there, and I can not explain all of what happened, it would be too long to write, but I will never go there again! Maybe I am super sensitive to the spiritual realm, but I personally went there twice, and now being older and wiser, I truly believe that it is not a good idea for me personally to go there again!

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