Haunted Collector Review

John Zaffis is well known among paranormal circles. His museum is well known among paranormal circles. Can his Syfy show Haunted Collector stack up against heavy hitters such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures? I say any new show has the potential with the right ingredients to be a success. Does this one have staying power? I think its a bit too early to tell.

I directed my attention to Twitter to see how others were reacting to the premiere. There seem to be two consistencies. One, many were not thrilled with Zaffis' pronunciation of the word "library". And two, some appalled his method of "stealing" a person's belongings. Call it haunted and they'll gladly hand it over. Personally, I wasn't all too bothered by it.

I was, however, under the impression this program was going to be about a team going in to investigate cases where spirits attached to known objects were the cause of paranormal activity or somewhere in that ballpark. It seems to me Zaffis has a bit of tunnel vision. "Energy can attach to objects," he repeated. That's all well and good but doesn't mean it's the cause of a haunting. This kind of bias can get a little old fast. I wish the investigators had...well...personalities. This is a TV show after all. There has to be some kind of entertainment or no one will want to watch it.

There were a couple of things I did like. There was some problem solving going on. Ghost Hunters was big on that until they stopped giving a damn. I also liked the daytime investigation of the residence. I know there wasn't much to it, but paranormal activity takes place during the day as much as it does at night. I'd like to see others come up with some kind of routine investigation that caters to the daytime.

Another thing, the rope tool. I know all the high-tech equipment really helps but old investigating tools can still provide assistance. I know Ghost Hunters pulled out the old flour(?) trick to track footsteps. I don't recall it being a success but at least they attempted to utilize it. Lastly, the follow-up. There was a brief update about the library after their visit. I'd like to see more of that on paranormal TV especially if it's about a residence. They say they follow-up, but we don't always know if the investigation helped or hindered the family's paranormal predicament.

Is Haunted Collector a winner for Syfy? I say if all the kinks aren't worked out then it'll end up in the recycling bin with all the other para-TV failures.


Anna Barlowe said…
Dagnabit, I missed the first episode, but they're showing it again tonight, and I'm taping the rest.

I agree with you that I don't know why more investigators don't do daytime investigations - my own ghost is quite active during the day, although I admit that he gets noticeably more so at night. I've asked him why that is, but he stubbornly refuses to explain anything. It's like a prime directive or something.

I think SyFy and HGTV should team up and do a show that combines Ghost Hunters with House Hunters, and call it Haunted House Hunters. People could tour three haunted houses that are for sale, and pick the one with the best ghosts and the nicest jacuzzi tub. I would totally watch that. ;)
Jennae said…
Thanks for the review. I saw the promos for it but never really thought about it until you brought it up. After reading your reveiw, I probably won't watch it. It sounds like old news to me. I'm a big Ghost Hunters fan; can you explain to me why you think they stopped caring? Did you mention this in another blog? I love all things ghostly, but after your review, I probably won't find anything new or insightful by watching it. Thanks for your review!
Anonymous said…
I agree with you 100%...on everything regarding this show and your review. I too have often wondered why they do not do daytime inv. AND why they do not give us updates or follow ups on the investigations. I love Ghost Hunters and am a devoted fan, but I think they may be a bit burned out...or working on their Inn or something...I like Ghost Hunters better when they do homes and not the insane aslylums, etc. If prisons and asylums were not active, there would be the surprise. The new collector show, may not make it if he does not bring more to it....He seems ok, but One more LIBERRY, instead of LIBRARY, would have been painfull.
Karene said…
I agree with the personalities of the investigators being less than scintillating. I was especially concerned that on the Facebook page and Twitter page that already allegations of veracity were already being made. I don't think the episode had aired the second segment before the cry of "fixed" went up. For me, the jury, is most definitely still out.
Dan Dringus said…
The funniest thing about that "Haunted House Finders" comment is that in Canada, there is show airing soon that is pretty well the same thing. It's called "Haunted Home Inspection" and it looks terrible.

As for Haunted Collector, that show suuuuuuucked. Read a review the other night, well, it wasn't so much a review as a collection of people's thoughts from twitter, and it was hilarious.


It's basically a string of people screaming "bullshit!" again and again on twitter.

Cool concept, but horrible execution. I've seen wooden posts with more personality than John Zaffis, and they were better at grammar too.
Courtney Mroch said…
Very well written and thoughtful review, Andrea. I agree. And actually you brought up some observations I hadn't thought of, so that was neat to see from your perspective.
nacho jewbre said…
I do agree but I am bothered with the fact that he takes peoples belongings cuz they are supposedly haunted. As for it lasting, I dunno! Ghost hunters should be pulled off the air due to all of those "personal experiences"!!! It is annoying and tango and steve are pathetic ghost hunters! Ghost adventures is the best paranormal show on air, but they need to hunt more and talk less!
Anonymous said…
They steal people's belongings after they make them believe they're "haunted"?
Well if somebody is so bloody dumb, they don't deserve better than being scammed.
Lisa Gee said…
I've met John Zaffis a couple of times in the course of investigations and I have to say that he is a lot more interesting in person. I think that the major problem I have with the show is that they appear to be so focused on one object being the cause of a haunting that it kind of dumbs down the show.

As far as Ghost Hunters not giving a damn anymore, I think that is dead on....they've gotten a lot more into being a commercial success and out of actually helping people that have a trouble haunting. To be fair, though, I think that they pass off most of their home investigations to affiliate Taps groups in the area.
Andrea Allison said…
Just to clarify, my comment about Ghost Hunters was directed to how they choose to investigate on the show. Wouldn't know how they conduct themselves in real life.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts on this review. Glad I'm not alone.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Ghost Hunters should do a show at the Haunted Collectors library.
Anonymous said…
Just watched first show. If this is real these people need to be charged for theft. They play on peoples feelings and sell bullshit so they can steal artifacts and history for there own personal gain and proffit. Not only do they rob inocent peoiple but they knock down others belief if it does not conform with there idea of sprituallity. I guess the bottom line is people are afraid of what they don't know. This cast of clowns have no clue!
Anonymous said…
I've watched every show just waiting for it to get better. John Z. is annoying. He seems to be shopping every time he enters a location. Beth is constantly getting ill, but being a "trooper", she'll go on with the investigation. I do agree with daytime investigating because most clients see or experience things in light and not in total darkness. John reminds me of the Warrens by chalking all energy up to bad.
Anonymous said…
I love it! Every Thursday evening at 9pm, I'm on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, ready for the goosebumps to pop up on my arms and legs....I think its amazing and I would Love to see everything in the museum that he has collected over the years
Thank you so much for the entertainment and knowledge
Whitney Putman
Hanover, Ontario
Anonymous said…
Give this some though as to the validity of this show.

Eric and Jessica Dionne who were featured in a recent episode of the show, in fact have their own paranormal investigation/research team. Seems John Zaffis decided to use them as "Clients" in his show, aparrently forgetting the fact that these two people are well known withing the paranormal community. If these people do paranormal research/investigation, why would they need to pretend to be ordinary folks on this show???

See the link for their website, and where it clearly states their names as leading the group.

Anonymous said…
What I don't get is ghost hunters have a hard time finding anything. This guy john zaffis goes in and bam he gets a lot more stuff like evp, emf, cold spots and all that. Like that ghost box device, GH needs something like that if it apparently works so well.

About taking the objects, I think they can ask for it back any time they want if i understood one of the episodes.

Sometimes I wonder though if these guys are laughing at us every time we tune in.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy watching a lot of these paranormal shows and I think Haunted Collector is probably my favorite. Which is why it’s a shame that my schedule doesn’t really let me keep up with it. Until recently that is, when I got DISH Network’s TV everywhere service. I love that about being an employee and subscriber of DISH, the fact that they have the TV everywhere technology. I can’t tell you how convenient it is to be able to stream all of my programming anywhere I go. It’s perfect for people who travel or live an on-the-go lifestyle and no one else has it! There’s no monthly fee and check this out http://bit.ly/mKO2XE, right now there’s a great offer to get the Sling Adapter free.
Anonymous said…
I have seen commercials says there is going to be a 2nd season of this show? OMG really?

Listen up everyone! the only reason why John Zaffis has this show is because he is related to ED & Lorraine Warren!

Ok if an object is causing the haunting that object can be cleansed and kept by the owner, it does not have to be moved out!

Listen Their is a group called THE DEMON DOCTORS who help people all over the world with hauntings!
They have a GOD given gift to cast out demons, entities, paranormal activity!
They have many testimonies on their web page and true case stories to read on.


I would love to see these guys have a show!! They truly help people and they charge nothing they are FREE! and their clients get to keep everything LOL!
Andrea Allison said…
Yep. They're getting a second season and it begins next month.

I never really understood the whole removing the "haunted objects" thing either but they have mentioned on the show that if the owners want it back, they'll give it to them. Truth is I don't really give this show two seconds of my time. But obviously other people love it.
Anonymous said…
These people are stupid to give away their belongings. I think this guy is a rip off artist that has people believing their objects are haunted. People attract ghosts, not objects.
Anonymous said…
I wish this show focused more on the items and his museum rather than being an entertainment gimmick as a generic ghost hunt that every other show is doing. I just wish it was more...original. It has good points and then some just seem so worn out.
AshleyKilby said…
I think the guy goes in there, looks around to see what he thinks the most valuable items are, convinces the people that they're the source of teh haunting and then takes them to a pawn shop or some place to sell and get money for them. Hes scamming all these people by scaring them.
Anonymous said…
Zero personality equals boredom. Haunted items ? I believe energy can remain on objects and therefore be the link to cause a haunting however what proof has he shown that particular item is haunted ? What if a piano was haunted and wouldn't fit on the covered cheese tray ? It's difficult to understand him as well. His voice is very nasal. I shrug my shoulders when he speaks like fingernails on a chalk board.
Anonymous said…
You are clueless, aren't you?
Unknown said…
That's the problem, you think. Mist of the time, the items are worthless. There is no scamming going on if it makes the people feel better , and the activity "slow down or stop"
Anonymous said…
This show is the biggest most outrageously faked show I have ever seen!!! This man John ought a be ashamed of himself, making money off of complete bull!! All the evidence these people are adding in to the show makes me sick... I hope everybody else can see how ridiculously fake this show is..!!!. The people on here are terrible actors... Their responses to some of the shit they supposedly catch on film is horrible... I hope this show is suppose to be a joke, cuz myslelf and everyone else I know with any kind of knowledge who watches these types of show can see its all fake!!
Anonymous said…
I agree with you!! This show is a scam, and for John he is terrible person, how can he lie to these people's faces, and just take all these old artifacts that are probably worth a fortune? I want to see an episode at his house museum.. If all those objects he has taken over the year contain negative energy, then his museum would be the most haunted place in the world!! F---ing creeps!!

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