Infamous Dandy House For Sale

In 2009, I wrote about an exorcism that took place in the Dandy residence in 1974 to "de-haunt" the house. The Dandys allegedly experienced abnormal activity including mysterious burns on their bodies, bricks from a crawl space chimney dismantled and placed in the middle of the room, strange chants heard in the nearby woods, and sightings of orbs which led them to call in Rev. Alphonsus Trabold to perform the exorcism on the house. A year after this event, the Dandy family of six moved out.

Ownership of this Western New York home has exchanged hands several times since it was built in the mid-1800s. It is back on the market once again. This 100 + year old farm house is mostly original complete with a kitchen, bath, living room, three bedrooms, two enclosed porches, eight acres of land and a large spring fed pond. Now, if you're considering purchasing the house keep in mind it needs a complete restoration. Of course, restoring the property may stir up the numerous ghosts believed to reside there as well.

There are supposedly twelve or more spirits haunting in and around the property and every owner since the early 1850s has had at least one paranormal experience. Witness reports include a male spirit in blue jeans and a plaid shirt with a rifle seen standing at the end of the bed, seeing and hearing a phantom car and smell of cigar smoke not to mention the above incidents the Dandys experienced.

The price tag on this jewel is $289,000. Check out the real estate listing on Paranormal Utopia for more information on this property:

EDIT: The house has been sold and is in the process of being restored. It is open for ghost tours and meetups. For more information:


Yshatar said…
I grew up in several haunted houses, some housed unfriendly spirits others housed friendly ones or spirits that just wanted to make themselves known from time to time and then go on their merry way. The last house I lived in the ghost name was Richard, I think he was an abused kid and died there in the house from abuse. Well there are two versions, the other version says that he was helping his dad on the roof and fell off. Though I seem to buy the abuse one more because the basement is the most haunted where he was said to have been locked in most of his life and then died. Every once in a while I and my family would hear footsteps or knocking or our kids toys going off by themselves when our kids were asleep. I do miss living in an active home. Though living in a home where the previous owners were experiencing mysterious burns is not a good idea. If anyone buys this house they should use it as a tour place or something not permanent stay, obviously something is driving people away.

Great post as always!
soccer said…
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Julie Kinnear said…
I would consider buying haunted house but it might be too risky. What if those ghosts are not so friendly? But it is still interesting idea to live in a place like this.
There is also interesting article about houses like this one. Sometimes you can't be sure if they are really haunted.
Though we may never know the truth behind the existence of ghosts, it is still interesting to live in a place full of mystery, history and intrigue. The would-be owners would likely be daring and courageous enough to uncover the truth behind the history of this haunted house.
don marcoff said…
Still for sale ?? What's the latest ???
Andrea Allison said…
The house was sold and is in the process of being restored. They offer tours and meetups for like $15 to $25 per person.

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