Sneak Peek Tuesday - Celebrity Ghost Hunt/Eureka/Warehouse 13

Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Celebrity Ghost Hunt is set to premiere on Saturday, July 9th at 10 pm CST. Be sure to watch Chip Coffey investigate the homes of Eric Roberts & Chris Atkins on the Biography Channel. I don't have BIO. So, you all will have to let me know if it's any good or not.

Eureka - Airs Monday, July 11th at 8/7 CST

The town where anything is possible returns with all-new adventures. In our sneak peak “Liftoff”, Fargo is busy working on a spaceship when Zane hops on board to grill him about Lupo, closing the hatch behind him. Unfortunately for both of them the ignition switches were on and with the hatch closed the ship’s engines ignite and launches both of them into outer space! Catch the extended clip to see how things went terribly wrong and tune in to the premiere this Monday to see if Sheriff Carter can get them safely back to Earth.

Warehouse 13 - Airs Monday, July 11th at 9/8 CST

The team gets a new face, new mysteries and a visit from familiar friends. Artie, Pete and Claudia welcome Steve as a new warehouse agent and during the introduction they discover a storm brewing at the Pyramid in the Ancient Archives. Artie and Claudia race into the office to figure out what the storm is while Steve stands in awe, shocked that a Pyramid can fit into a warehouse at all.


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