Sneak Peek Tuesday: GHI/Legend Quest/Haven

Ghost Hunters International

In the next episode of Ghost Hunters International, Barry and Kris are doing a thermal scan while asking any spirits to kindly show themselves. Barry stops Kris to let her know that he thinks he just heard another entity say her name. Tune in Wednesday 9/8 CST on Syfy to see if a spirit is coming out to see the hunters.

Legend Quest

In the next episode of Legend Quest, the team ventures into a cave to find the lost Cintamani Stone where the water is near freezing. They follow the stream to a small black hole. What’s in it? You’ll have to tune in Wednesday 10/9 CST to find out. Will it be a dead end? Maybe a carving near the mouth of the cave will lead them to their treasured artifact.


Duke steps into the convenience store to pick up a beer he special ordered, and then all of a sudden everything goes haywire. A ferocious dog practically foaming at the mouth chases a man through the halls, a woman sees a man she thought she buried, and Duke sees a black masked man causing him to drop his case of beer at first sight. He turns to run away and then turns back in fear, but he’s no longer there. Are people just hallucinating or is there some creepy supernatural activity taking place? Tune in this Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to find out!


Adsila said…
Haven is such a strange show and I love it.
Alan Harper said…
Wow that is true....that show is wickedly strange and eerie but hey it's still a good show!

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