Sneak Peek Tuesday - GHI/Legend Quest

Ghost Hunters International
"Rising from the Grave - Trinidad"

In the season premiere of Ghost Hunters International, the team is investigating a cave and as they go further and further they continue to hear noises with a deep bass tone. They encourage the noise to come out and meet them as they take pictures of the cave hoping to catch a little more than just the rock formations. As they’re exiting the cave, Kris feels something grab her leg. You’ll have to watch the clip and tune in Wednesday to see if the team really didn’t come out of the cave empty handed.

Legend Quest
"Ark of the Covenant/Mayan Talking Cross"

Also, in the Legend Quest series premiere, Ashley Cowie leads his team under water in search of an ancient cross. It would be a great find for the team as it’s the most spiritual legend in the Mayan culture. Watch the clip and tune in Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if they can brave the elements and find it together.


Kevin said…
Christ Crucifixion site and the Ark of the Covenant found burred under a trash pile in Jerusalem.

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