Sneak Peek Tuesday - GHI/Legend Quest/Haven

In the all-new episode, Kris is on the lookout for a woman that may have possessed the man that lived in the quarters they’re investigating. She asks if whatever is in the room could reveal itself to her and Paul. Not long after they hear a noise and both agree that they hear a female voice. Paul then claims he hears a conversation among multiple people. Watch the clip and be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 9/8c on Syfy to see the Summer Finale and if they can break down exactly who might be tip-toeing among them!

In the summer finale episode, Ashley Cowie looks to see how the work and balance of Freemason architecture may be evident in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. He looks to investigate more behind the Washington Monument and how it may be aligned with the Freemason symbol of a compass to direct them to the capitol building, the center of political power. Watch the clip and tune in to Syfy at 10/9c on Wednesday to see if the team can line up the work of the Freemasons to see if there’s a clue they need at the capitol.

Audrey and Nathan are speaking to each other via phone as they keep their eyes peeled while they suspect the worse after the church bells ring. Audrey hears screeching tires on Nathan’s end and quickly runs to find him getting up, just dodging an SUV. As he gets to his feet she points out that he has a piece of wood from a road blockade lodged in his stomach. Overcome with emotion she yells for someone to call 911 as she looks to find a way to save him. Watch the clip and tune in this Friday at 10/9c on Syfy to see if Audrey is able to save her fellow officer in time!


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