Where is Satan's House?

Located in Yale, Oklahoma, “Satan’s House” was once the old Norfolk school. Supposedly, two children found themselves trapped in the basement’s boiler room when the school burned down. Both kids died in the fire and now, allegedly, haunt the location. There are also rumors of Satan worshiping taking place in the school sometime after the fire (hence the name).

This legend has its share of variations. On the Strangeusa website, it states an old man died tilling his field nearby the school (no mention of any children dying). Shadowlands reported very much the same but amended the listing in 2007. According to their sources, “Satan’s House” was an old oil refinery not a school and a 5 year old girl died trying to rescue her brother’s bike from a sludge pit. The area is or was known for its oil refineries especially during the oil boom and an Oklahoman group called Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma did investigate an abandoned one stating it to be the actual “Satan’s House”.

I’m not totally convinced it’s the same place. Most of those familiar with the legend says its a school. Although, some people have doubts that even the school is the actual “Satan’s House”. Those who have visited the location have reported little to no evidence of Satan worshiping at the school. One visitor posted their story and photos on the urban exploration website Underground Ozarks. They mentioned seeing an abandoned house a few hundred feet from the school. Could it be the actual “Satan’s House”?

Those interested in this legend may not have much longer to investigate its origins…or at least the old school’s part in it. Those who live in the area say a lot of the brush and trees had been cleared out, making it easier to find. However, there are rumors the ruins are being torn down to make room for a new oil refinery or perhaps some other business. I believe the property is fenced in and while there may or may not be any "No Trespassing" signs I don't recommend hopping the fence to check it out unless you are able to obtain proper permission from whomever owns the property.


Adsila said…
I would love to explore the place and take pictures but I am not one for hopping fences.
Robbie Evans said…
I have lived about 1/4 of a mile(if that) my entire life. It used to be a school. My father went to school there when he was a kid. It burned, and NO ONE should be going in there!! There are basements underneath all of that rumble, and it is NOT safe!! Kids come every year and hop the fence for a good scare! Please don't risk your life for that!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I went there and all the fences where gone and there where passages cleared out to walk it was pretty cool we went around 3 am and got slot of evps and a picture of a little girl staring at us from the boiler room
KiraRae said…
I go there every year with a group of new people. There are NO fences, and its cool during the day to take photographs. One year we had a paranormal investigator come since he was my friends uncle. He helped us talk to the spirits. The two children that got locked in and burned just happened to be the nicest little ghosts you could meet, they were teaching us ways to protect ourselves from demons, and bad spirits through my friends uncle. As for the spirit who died by satans house, we have yet to find the house, or a location of where we died. We explored atleast a mile away from the school, and all we came to find was a farm (with people living there and horses) no satanic houses, nothing.
Anonymous said…
They have torn the old school down. it is now just a pile of rubble. Very sad but I was told they were having problems with people setting fires there.
Anonymous said…
I grew up in Cushing. My mom, aunts, & uncles went to Norfolk School before it closed. In the 80's & 90's, high school kids would party there, & some did perform rituals there. It wasn't safe to be in then, so PLEASE be very cautious if you decide to go there. The last time I drove down Norfolk Road, there wasn't much left to see. The school was on the West side of the road (right side coming from Yale, left side coming from Cushing). It was built in the 20's & abandoned in the 50's.
Mike Hart said…
My dad played basketball in the gym there as a teenager and I live on Norfolk down the road. You are all idiots if you "talked to the spirit of the girls." There was no one in the building when it burned.

What where you smoking when you did this talking?

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