Blood Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery in Hollis, New Hampshire has locals to thank for its nickname. “Blood Cemetery” doesn’t derive from bleeding trees or tombstones. It comes from one resident family buried there. Many believe its haunted by a man named Abel Blood. He was buried there in 1867. Several members of his family including his wife Betsy are there as well. But why does Abel Blood supposedly haunt the cemetery?

One rumor states he was connected to the occult. However, those who have researched his story has turned up nothing tying him to the occult. In fact, it relieved he led a very law-abiding, Christian life. Another rumor has his entire family being murdered. Again, research ruled that explanation out. No two members of the Blood family were murdered much less an entire group. They all died different times, places, of natural causes and otherwise. Many of those who have investigated the cemetery don’t even believe Abel Blood is the one who is haunting the area. So, why does his name keep popping up in this legend?

It has to do with his grave marker. Etched in to the stone is an enclosed hand with a single finger pointing towards the heavens. They say at night, when the ghosts come out to play, the finger is seen pointed down towards the ground. There may be a reasonable explanation for such reports but we may never know what it is because the image has since been chipped off the headstone.

Perhaps the answer lies in the land itself. Benjamin Parker Jr. donated the land in 1769. He had to sell his farm and the area needed a place where the dead could rest in peace. Now, nearly three hundred people has been buried in this cemetery. Several grave markers have not survived and succumbed to weatherization. The graves now stand bare. Could this be why it’s haunted?

Maybe it’s a boy who has all the answers. Supposedly, a young boy haunts the Pine Hill Road next to the cemetery. The story associated with his death states he and his whole family were murdered in the 1800s (could some people be mixing this story with that of Abel Blood’s?). It’s believed they were murdered in their home, which was once located near this road. Then buried in the cemetery. Witnesses claimed to have seen the boy attempting to flag down vehicles. Once someone stops to assist him, the child vanishes.

No matter what the cause of this haunting may be, visitors have reported seeing shadows, orbs, strange sounds, tapping, strange anomalies in photographs and trees moving when there is no wind.

If you decide to pay the Blood family a visit, don’t go after dark. The cemetery is officially closed between dusk and dawn. The police heavily patrol the area, especially around Halloween. You’ll likely get arrested and prosecuted for trespassing.


Anonymous said…
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Kate said…
I have to say, I live about 10-15 minutes away from this cemetery, and I have to say that some people don't think this place is haunted, but from experience, I can say that it is. I couldn't say by who, but there are for sure entities in that cemetery.

About 3 years ago, I was curious about things that were said about this cemetery,so being 16 and curious, my boyfriend and I as well as a couple friends, decided that we were going to go to the cemetery, and of course it was while it was closed, I want to say it was about 10:00pm. We all went into the cemetery and just walked around. We stopped in front of one grave stone for some reason and just talked. There were four of us, and all three of the people were standing in front of me. There were no clouds in the sky, the moon was high and bright, so you could see the people around you. All of a sudden something poked me three times on my right shoulder, and I jumped, especially knowing that my friends were in front of me. It freaked me out, I asked if there was anyone behind me and they all were laughing at me saying no. Well me being the person that I am pulled out my camera and started taking pictures. I watch ghost shows all the time, so I wanted to see if I could get a picture of an orb. When I looked at my camera when we got back to the car there were in fact orbs in my pictures. Since that day I will not go into Pine Hill Cemetery.

I can not say what entity haunts this cemetery, but what I do know is that someone has chose to take charge of the cemetery.
Muskrat3D said…
Very interesting Haunted Location post.

Maybe they were residents who lived in the area before the cemetery was founded and never left. You can probably go just about anywhere in the country and hear local stories about strange goings-on.

Maybe they're just doing their own thing, or trying to get someone's attention. It makes one think.
I'ts very intriguing how a place becomes haunted like this Blood Cemetery. I don't know, but maybe there are more stories behind the tales.

Accurate Psychic
Gothikid said…
I love horror stories! Especially stories that tells the history of a place that made it haunted!
Andrea Allison said…
It could be someone who use to live on the property before it became a cemetery or someone who is buried there. I think maybe people focused on Abel Blood because of his last name. It sounds like a name that could make a ghost story interesting.
Loria Schleiff said…
It is fairly common to hear about ghost stories in cemeteries. Fear of the unknown and unseen are the main fuels for such stories. It is interesting to note, however, how some elements in such horror stories tend to change with the passing of time.

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