Sneak Peek Tuesday - Ghost Hunters/Fact or Faked/Urban Legends

This week in an all-new Ghost Hunters, the team is looking for the actress that killed herself back stage. They continue to explore the Niagra Falls Theater and hear voices all over. They decide it was a male voice and it almost sounded like a conversation. Be sure to watch the clip and tune in at 9/8c to see if they can have their own conversation with the spirits.

In Fact or Faked, the team has designed a UFO made of aluminum discs. The disc is supposed to follow down a zipline and then release toward an explosion. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 10/9c on Syfy to see just how elaborate of a set up this took to pull off and it all ends with some fireworks!

In Urban Legends, a lottery official is pretty lucky and gets to give away millions of dollars each day. There is however one draw where they picked a winner that she will never forget. They had over 100 winners and it looked like fraud, and the winners could potentially get away with it. There are 30 times more winners than usual. Be sure to tune in on Monday at 11/10c on Syfy to see how so many people were cashing in.


I can't wait to see GH tonite! I live just about 40 minutes from Niagara Falls! Love GH!
AnthonyJRapino said…
It has been quite a while since I watched Ghost Hunters. I think I started getting turned off with all the spin-offs and similar shows.

Do they still do that Halloween night live hunt?
Andrea Allison said…
I know what you mean. They still do the Halloween live special. This year it's going to be at Pennhurst asylum.
mike said…
The paranormal interests me very much, thats why I have a blog about it. I wish I could see something really spooky.

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