The Lynch House

This story begins with a woman and her husband. During the Civil War, he left his wife, Liza Thompson, to fight in the war. On his way out of town, he left the deed to their house and other important documents with a banker friend. He never came home again.

After suffering such a tragedy, Liza was faced with another problem. The banker who retained the documents for her house also left to fight the war. And, like her husband, was killed. In this tale, two wives grieved for their husbands but it was a house that brought on their own war.

After the banker’s death, his wife came across the deed and other documents to the Thompson home. She decided she wanted it for herself. This began a 13 year court battle between the two widows. In the end, Liza kept her home.

The family that lives in the house now, known as the Lynch House, says it is haunted. Witnesses have seen Liza Thompson dressed in white, standing at the foot of beds and walking the halls of the second floor. She is described as being a good, helpful spirit. They believe she may not be the only spirit in Lynch House. The second one is of a more mischievous nature who likes to hide keys and flicker lights whenever the Civil War is the topic of a conversation.

The Lynch House is a stop on a haunting tour in Leesburg, VA if you’re ever in the area and want to learn more.


Natel1337 said…
Actually, The banker's wife sold the house to a couple of families at a time, who paid for it and thought it was their property. This is what started the court battle. Hope i helped. :)
Natel1337 said…
If you have any further questions, you can contact me at I can answer more questions about some more Leesburg hauntings too.
Kathy said…
When I was on the Leesburg Hauntings Tour in 2013 or 2014 I had an interesting experience. The tour guide was on the stairs and I was standing at the foot of the stairs. I had my left foot and hand in the living room. As the tour guide started talking about the male spirit that has been seen in the living room my left hand started to feel cold. As the tour guide continued his talk my arm kept getting colder and colder. When the tour guide had finished his talk he asked if there were any questions. I asked if anyone had reported any cold spots in the house. The tour guide said that he didn’t know of any such reports and wanted to know why I asked that question. I told him that as soon as he began talking about the male spirit in the living room My left hand and arm began to get cold and that my arm was as cold as ice! He didn’t believe me and asked if he could touch my arm. I held out my arm and when he touched it he was amazed at how cold my arm was. He said, “Wow! You’re arm feels like it has been in an ice chest!!!”. He asked if I felt anything else. I said that it felt like someone was standing next to me. I didn’t feel scared. It just felt like the person was curious and wanted to see what was happening with the tour.

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