Lawson Family Massacre

I received an email about a week ago about a new documentary available now. The documentary is called A Christmas Family Tragedy. The story about the Lawson Family I guess in some ways is similar to the Amityville murders. Charlie Lawson, a 43-year-old tobacco farmer, killed his wife, six of his seven children and then committed suicide on Christmas Day 1929 in Stokes County, North Carolina. Many people were quite baffled about how this man could do such a thing and possibly that question may have been answered by now or someone has come close to answering it. However, it has a continuing effect on the community 'til this day.

Now, as tragic as this is, I'm sure you are wondering how it qualifies as a ghost story. Well, from what I was told, a house that is now The Squires Inn Bed & Breakfast is said to be haunted by members of the Lawson family. The owners claim they have seen seven year old Maybell and two year old Raymond Lawson peering into windows of the front door and have been heard talking, laughing and playing inside and outside of the house.

This film isn't the only thing documenting this tragedy. Many songs have been written including "The Story of the Lawson Family," "Ballad of the Lawsons," "Murder of the Lawson Family," "The Murder of Charlie Lawson," and "Charlie Lawson's Still". There has also been a few books about the the Lawson Family massacre. The most recent was released at the end of last year entitled The Meaning of Our Tears By: Trudy J. Smith. She also co-wrote another book about the subject called White Christmas, Bloody Christmas with her father, M. Bruce Jones. The film and books all sound pretty interesting to me. I'll be definitely adding them to my must read/watch lists.

A“significant” percentage of the film's proceeds will be donated to local and statewide organizations working to end domestic violence in North Carolina. To find out more about A Christmas Family Tragedy, please visit their website (you can also check out their MySpace page).


sandy oakley said…
i live not to far where this happened and i have never heard of this until now .. but i am only 55 yrs old.. i would like to go to see the place where this happened and see if i can see the ghosts that they say are their ! OMG this is great!
moyo said…
wow i am a lawson mybe they could be kin to me or something my mother was born in summter S.c
Anonymous said…
I know the story very well in a way to well.My grandmother was the first cousin of Stella Lawson.My Grandmother was a Boles before she marryed my Grandfather Sheb Tuttle.I guess that kinda make a direct decent of the Lawson family.
There where so many stories told about what they think what happen but my father said that on the Christmas day my Grandfather was suppose to go and pick the family up and have them over to their house for Christmas dinner but the snow was so deep that my Grandfather couldn't go to get them.For Charlie didn't drive.The only one that survived was one son that walk to the store in Gremanton,N.C.which is a pretty good walk.
The family is buryed in a cemetry about 5 miles north of the home at the coner of Brookcove Rd. and NC HWY 8 .The grave site is a very sad place to visit.the family is all buryed all together in a huge family plot,with a chain around the grave site.
Anonymous said…
i live in n.c king but the house was tore down.and made into a bridge. right.

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