The Screaming Tunnel

Many flock to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada to bare witness to its romantic setting. However, its beauty doesn't overshadow a local legend. The tunnel is located in the northwest end of Niagara Falls and was originally built to be a rail tunnel in the early 1900s. The only problem was the Grand Trunk Railroad went bankrupt after World War I and it was never finished. Even though the tunnel was abandoned it would never be forgotten.

Over a century ago, a farm house located near the tunnel caught fire one night. A girl, clothes engulfed in flames, ran screaming from the house into the tunnel in the attempts of putting it out. Unfortunately, she collapsed and died inside the tunnel. There are variations to this story.

One states an enraged father sat his daughter on fire in the tunnel after learning his wife was rewarded custody of their kids in a nasty divorce battle. Another story reports that a young girl was raped inside the tunnel and her body was burned to cover the evidence. No one knows which version if any are true. However, what is known is that someone did die in the tunnel.

It was dubbed the Screaming Tunnel because they say if you stand in it and light a match you will hear a scream before the flame goes out.



Niagra Falls Public Library

Haunted Hamilton


Taffie036 said…
i had an experience inside the screaming tunnel, i will never forget it.... i went inside with 3 of my friends, we were all creeped out bec. it was so dark, but we went it. i lit a match, the flame burned all the way down the stick, then it was silent, suddenly from the end of the tunnel, by the house, the 4 of us heard a deep voice say "GO!", but it was sorta dragged on.... we got it on tape :)
Piglet said…
that sounds cool (not the people getting hurt part) but the scream. i've always really liked and been afraid of tunnels.
Sue said…
Hehehe we call it the "stinky" tunnel .. :) I've been there, and man it stinks! lol!
Sara said…
The death of the girl, involving the Screaming Tunnel, is anything but a myth, but if you go in with a match book and a lighter, do not prepare to be amazed. The only thing that is going to blow your match out, is a breeze from one end of the tunnel to the other, and you most definately will not hear a scream afterwards. But I suppose it depends on how hard you want to believe that it will in fact happen.
April said…
I've been through the Blue Ghost Tunnel, and the Screaming Tunnel. They're so cool, I love going to places that are haunted. (:
Taffie036 said…
Does anyone know the name of the young girl that had died inside the tunnel?
Taffie036 said…
I have never been to the blue ghost tunnel at night, lol it's not the ghosts that scare me, it's just all the wild animals.

What are you supposed to do at that tunnel? are you supposed to light a match?
Has anyone ever experienced anything in that tunnel? I always thought it's so cool, but i'm not sure how to get the ghosts to come out, or to talk/ communicate with me... any ideas?
Anonymous said…
Ive been to the Screaming tunnel, with really high hopes. Nothing happened, at all. it was a huge let down, dont even bother going. The scariest part about it was the smell.

Now blue ghost on the other hand, that is something to check out. I've been there several times, and each time I had something happen. And I also managed to get a picture of the 'blueghost' on film (Blue ghost is supposed to appear as blue fog, or ectoplasmic fog as people say it) I may be young, only seventeen but Everything about the paranormal interests me.

Also try getting a ghost tour at Fort George, i've done it before and with four friends, and while in a room looking at artifacts from it, we could hear a little girl crying but us four and a few elderly couples were with us as well, who also said they could hear it. When the we met back up with the rest of our group, none of them seemed to hear it. My friend also felt sudden burning along her back and one of her arms, when we got home; the areas were bruised and bloody
Lori said…
the one time i went it was a hot summer day at 11:48 pm and me and my friend kaela went we got out of the car with my dad and you felt like a ghostly appearence we went like 2 meters into the tunnel till i looked up and noticed a shadow at the end of the tunnel it scared the heck out of me and i wispered to my friend kaela "hey, do u see that at the end of the tunnel?" she said shakeing "yes!! what is that?" "i dont know" i replied.. than me and kaela turned back cuz it felt like somthing was behinde us, but when we looked foward again the shadow wasnt there!! we never got to the middle of the tunnel and the best part was we got it on tape but when tou slow played it the shadow walked away. thats musta been when we looked behinde us! but the funnyist part was my dad was to scared to go in so i tryed to get him to come in but he didnt.. then the creepy-ist thing happend i felt somthing touch my chest, kaela said she felt something pull her hand as is it wanted to bring her farther in the tunnel.. at that point we both screamed at the top of our lungs and ran out!! WOW i hope i didnt wake the people living across the street.. that was probley the most frighting time of my life and i was only 10 now im 12!!
bigblue said…
im doing a project\speech on this because I live fairly close and I going to do a short video clip there.i was researching it and found a video on youtube, and I disagree with one of the comment on here its not the wind coming into the tunnel that blows the candle out. one video I watched a girl lit up a match in the tunnel and instantly it went out she did the about 4 more times an same thing happened , she said"wow these matches suck" so they went outside of the tunnel to light it and it lit up and didn't go out kinda freaky ..
Anonymous said…
I have yet to go to either of these tunnels but, over the weekend me and a few of my firends were walking around trying to find the blue ghost tunnel and i could tell how close we were because as we were in the middke of the road to stop and rest for a minute over the one feild blue very creepy minst started to happen out of no where and it was about 2:30am too! Honestly so creepy never seen mist like that before in my life and for it to happen so fast too!
Anonymous said…
That is super mega creepy! I've heard of ghosts doing that before, i hope ur friends arm was okay after a while!
Anonymous said…
That sounds scary I don't have enough guys to do that

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