The Hidden Whisper By: JJ Lumsden

Tonight is Halloween. You may have opted to stay home to watch a scary movie or Ghost Hunters Live investigation. Or you may have chosen book instead. If so, I have a suggestion for you. The Hidden Whisper is a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, all about the paranormal.

It centers on parapsychologist Luke Jackson. He planned to go to a conference in Hawaii, stopping in Arizona for a family visit. Unfortunately, life had other plans. His grandfather died, changing his plans. While comforting his grieving grandmother, his help is enlisted by residents who believed their house is haunted by a poltergeist. After a bit of investigation, Luke concluded the cause was more natural than supernatural.

If this book offers anything, it gives you a better look in to what parapsychologists do. Since it is part nonfiction, it is a bit heavy on facts. If you’re looking for just a ghost story, this book isn’t for you. It’s centered around a fictional story with actual facts to explain certain aspects. Another thing, the author JJ Lumsden is from the UK. British and American English is a bit different. For example, we spell “tires” with an “i” and they spell it with a “y”. If you’re American, it can throw you off a bit, but it’s not incorrect.

If you are like myself and have a general interest in the paranormal, The Hidden Whisper will inform as well as entertain you about the subject. It’s worth the read.



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