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Tonight, TAPS unveiled their findings of the USS Hornet. Yesterday, the Sci-Fi Channel unveiled their newest site. They have developed a social networking community that encourages users to share their paranormal stories and have named it Join the Hunt. They have made this site an extension of one of their most popular shows, Ghost Hunters.

This site allows users to contribute ghostly images and stories, as well as view photographs and vote on whether the structures pictured are haunted. Tutorials on how tracking equipment such as electromagnetic field detectors and electronic voice phenomena recorders work are also being offered. Another offer featured on Join the Hunt is the ability to ask experts, like Grant and Jason, questions.

If you are a fan of Ghost Hunters and/or its spin-off Ghost Hunters International, you may be interested in Sci-Fi’s latest installment in this franchise. They recently announced yet another spin-off of this popular show entitled Ghost Hunters: College Edition. Cameras will follow a group of students investigating unusual incidents. Paranormal State is a show on A&E with a similar concept. Not sure if the GH version will be able out do its competition with this particular show. We will see.


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