Seven Sisters Inn

The Seven Sisters Inn are two beautiful Queen Anne-style Victorian houses in Ocala, Florida. They offer candlelit dinners, gourmet breakfasts, accommodate weddings and even have murder mystery events. A perfect bed & breakfast to get away. One snag though. The inn has permanent guests who will keep you on your toes.

Seven Sisters International House (purple) was built in 1892. It contains 13 bedrooms each with its own themes, representing the many locations owners Bonnie Morehardt and Ken Oden have traveled to. It is believed the house was built on the very spot of a triage nearby Fort King. Her sister, The Scott House (pink) may or may not be on the site of a battle between soldiers and Seminole Indians. The original house was built in 1888 but burned down.

Most of the experiences described are that of playfulness. TAPS discovered this first hand. During a K2 session, something was making it light up in a childish manner. At one point in the evening, Jason and Grant attempted to debunk claims of something tripping people on the staircase in the purple house, I think. Jason took off his flip-flops and climbed up the stairs. Once he reached the top, a small dark mass ran from a room to left of him down the hall. After searching for it, they went back downstairs where Jason found only one of his shoes where he left them. They searched the house for almost half and hour and finally found it in the middle of a room they weren't shown during the tour.

Another experience they had consisted of a K2 Meter and a chair. I believe it was in the purple house. Jason and Grant were trying to track down the origins of a voice and shadows when they came across a spike on the K2 Meter on a chair. The interesting part about it was Grant traced the outline of a person with it. Everytime he went outside the "outline", the K2 went dead. On top of that, the chair was cold. They both sat in it and felt the chill coming off of it. When they checked it again with the K2, whatever may have been there disappeared.

TAPS gained quite a bit of personal experiences but little evidence to back it up. So, is the Seven Sisters Inn haunted? Spend a night there and find out.


Anonymous said…
A Paranormal Group has acquired the Inn and have recently begun hosting tours at the Inn
Nat said…
I recently went on a ghost tour in Ocala and most of our time was spent at the Seven Sisters Inn. While the majority of the group were playing with the K2 meter (which was lighting up to questions asked) I was busy snapping pictures. I took several pictures of the back door for some odd reason. I have three different out comes. One picture shows nothing in the glass. The second picture shows an older womans face standing at an angle as if watching the conversation going on outside. The third picture, my favorite,looks like a little Indian boy with war paint on his face. I also got a few pictures with different balls of light that move as the pictures were taken. (not street lamps)I do believe that the Inn is haunted, its so exciting!
We have recently opened the Seven Sisters Inn to its original beauty. The Purple (Gothic Victorian) house remains a bed and breakfast. The pink house (Queen Anne Victorian) is now used for business offices. If you would like us to submit stories, we are most happy to ... since there are many! Our website, if you wish to explore the inn and how it appears today is: Go to the History Tab and on the bottom it will direct you to our "Haunted web site"!

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