Theodores' and Smith Billiards

Next on Ghost Hunters: Theodores' and Smith Billiards in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Resident Steve Gonsalves use to play at Theodores' with his former band Po' Boy and the Red Hats. He heard many stories about this place and approached Jason and Grant about investigating it. TAPS members and crew spent two nights proving and/or disproving what makes this tavern tick.

Co-owners Keith P. Makarowski and Keith E. Weppler, Theodores' Tavern is located in a century-old five story building on Worthington street since 1999. It has come to be known as the place for Blues music, voted #1 Blues club in the country by the Blues Foundation in 2004, and BBQ but also has another reputation. Some claim to hear balls rolling on the fourth and fifth floor which use to be the home of a bowling alley 80 yrs ago (now vacant), chills in the basement, apparition of a little boy on a pool table, ghostly footsteps and whispers when the room is virtually empty.

Are the stories true? Is it haunted? Tune in to Ghost Hunters on Wednesday to find out.


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